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An exhibition and a maple tree in Stockholm

A small exhibition, “Furorna i Bodafors” [the pines in Bodafors] in the gallery at the Malmsten school in Lidingö, Stockholm, as well as a talk to the students there, was included in my commitments related to the Wood Art Residency Bodafors. Alessandra di Pisa, the curator, helped me plan and actually built the exhibition, which opened on 22 November with a talk at 9 am. Some of the videos created during the residency are on display in small monitors, with my recorded voice on headphones. The photo above is by Leif Burman; the exhibition is documented (in Swedish) on an RC page,
I also returned to the maple tree in Kastellholmen, a small island next to Skeppsholmen in the centre of the city. I made a small test conversation with it, in Swedish, but still have not decided what to do with it really. I visited it already in October, when it still had all its leaves:



Now the leaves were gone. I made only one image, and played with it while editing:




Memory of the Landscape

For the events celebrating Helsinki day on 12 June I chose a few examples of the videos depicting the yearly cycle of the landscape on Harakka Island that I recorded during the years 2002-2014, as a pilot version of sorts of the whole series of Animal Years. Two videos recorded in the year of the ox (2009-2010), one in the year of the hare (2011-2012) and four in the year of the dragon (2012-2013) can be viewed via QR codes placed in the landscape from these webpages of mine. Here below images of the sites.








Revisiting the Pine – Paluu männyn luo – Återbesök hos tallen

Revisiting the Pine and other video works
Telegraph Gallery on Harakka Island 24.5. – 5.6.2022, noon to 5 pm
A selection of recent video works with pines is on display as “screening on demand”.
Welcome to the opening on Tuesday 24.5. at 5 pm
Paluu männyn luo ja muita videoteoksia
Harakan lennätingalleria 24.5. – 5.6.2022, klo 12-17
Nähtävillä on myös valikoima uudempia videoteoksia mäntyjen kanssa “tarvenäytös” periaatteella.
Tervetuloa avajaisiin tiistaina 24.5. klo 17
Återbesök hos tallen och andra videoarbeten
Telegrafgalleriet på Stora Räntan 24.5. – 5.6.2022, kl 12-17
Dessutom visas ett urval nyare videoarbeten med tallar enligt principen “visning på begäran”.
Välkommen på vernissage tisdagen 24.5. kl 17
Yhteysveneen aikataulu – Ferry schedule – Båttidtabellen
Tukijana, med stöd av, supported by:


Practicing with Pines – Harjoituksia mäntyjen kanssa – Övningar med tallar

A performance with videos on Tuesday 26 April in Myymälä2 gallery as part of the event Seven of Seven. I hope to install four ”stations” in the small space, and to invite the audience to practice after I have completed a few rounds. See images on my pine blog, here.
Performanssi videoiden kanssa tiistaina 26.4. Myymälä2 galleriassa osana Seven of Seven tapahtumaa. Toivon voivani asentaa neljä ”asemaa” pieneen tilaa , ja kutsua yleisön harjoittelemaan sen jälkeen kun olen itse tehnyt muutaman kierroksen. Katso stillkuvat mäntyblogissani, täällä.
En performance med videon tisdagen den 26 april i Myymälä2 galleriet som en del av evenemanget Seven of Seven. Jag hoppas kunna installera fyra ”stationer” i det lilla utrymmet, och bjuda in publiken att utföra övningarna efter att jag gjort några varv. Se stillbilderna på min tallblogg, här.

Meetings with Spruces and Birches

The title of the exhibition in Gallery Forum Box in Helsinki (11.2.-6.3.2022) alludes to the project Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees that it is part of. Besides the “balcony” (parvi) the exhibition comprises the small Mediabox where you can show one work, in this case Dear Deceased (6 min 26 sec), see image above, a letter to a dead spruce written in English and added as a voice-over. The work is now in the AV-archive as well, here. The main work in the exhibition is Day with Old Tjikko 1 (17 min 45 sec), performed and recorded in May 2019 with the ancient spruce tree on Fulufjället mountain in Dalarna, Sweden. All the other works, including the one in Mediaboxi, were made in September 2020 during a one month Mustarinda residency in Hyrynsalmi, northeastern Finland.
More information about the exhibition here, and later on in the archive, here. Information about the work in Mediabox here, and later in the archive here. The following images from the exhibition are photographed by Emilia Pennanen:



The Tree Calendar – Puukalenteri – Trädkalendern

The Tree Calendar.
Video works by Annette Arlander in the Telegraph on Harakka Island 19–30 May 2021.
Note the time (due to the timetable of the ferry boat): weekdays 2 pm to 6 pm, sat & sun noon to 6 pm.
Welcome to the opening and a “garden party” on Tuesday 18 May at 6 pm.
Annette Arlanderin videoteoksia Harakan lennättimessä 19–30.5.2021. Huom. aika (yhteysveneen aikataulujen vuoksi): arkisin klo 14–18, la & su 12-18.
Tervetuloa avajaisiin ja ”puutarhajuhliin” tiistaina 18.5. klo 18.
Videoarbeten av Annette Arlander i Telegrafen på Stora Räntan 19–30.5. 2021.
Notera tiden (på grund av båttidtabellen): vardagar klo 14–18, lö & sö 12-18.
Välkommen på vernissage och ”trädgårdsfest” tisdagen den 18.5. klo 18.
See also / katso myös / se även:
The Helsinki Tree Calendar (2018) 17 min 42 sec
and / ja / och:
The Tree Calendar is based on the following version of the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar
And the working process was documented online here

From the Mainland

Video works in The Telegraph on Harakka Island 15–26 July 2020, noon to 5 pm.
Welcome to the opening on Monday 14 July at 4-6 pm.
The following works are included in the exhibition:
With Elms in Kaivopuisto 1 & 2 (2018)
In 2017, between 10.1. and 17.12., I visited a group of elms in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki altogether 101 times. I video recorded and edited these visits into a two-channel installation (1h 41 min 10 sec.), with one-minute images of each visit, here combined as a split-screen version.
With an Alder in Kaivopuisto (2018)
In 2017, between 12.1. and 17.12., I sat on an alder stub in Kaivopuisto park in Helsinki altogether 100 times. I video recorded and edited these sessions into a video (1h 40 min 10 sec) with one-minute images of each session.
With the Maple Tree (Corona Diary) (2020)
During the spring 2020, between 29.3. and 31.5., I performed daily for a video camera with a maple tree in the yard of Tehtaankatu 18 in Helsinki, and edited the performances into a diary of sorts (62 min 22 sec).
The works are linked to the projects Performing with Plants and Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees

Swinging – With a Pine – Hanging

The video triptych Swinging – With a Pine – Hanging (15 min 28 sec) is on display in the exhibition I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience curated by Denise Ziegler at the Exhibition Laboratory of The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 27.11–11.12.2019. More information about the exhibition here
The work was recorded in Lill-Jansskogen or Little Jan’s Wood in the centre of Stockholm between 16 February 2018 and 3 February 2019, as part of the artistic research project “Att Uppträda med växter – Performing with Plants” in Stockholm University of the Arts. More about the project here.
My text ”Performing with a Pine Tree” is included in the publication edited by Denise Ziegler, I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience. Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research, a kind of alternative exhibition catalogue with texts in English and in Finnish. There I tell more about the work, see the scanned text: performing with a pine tree

And an image where you see a part of Jan Lütjohann’s work, in pine wood…


Body on the Rocks – Video Works

The Telegraph on Harakka Island 10–15 September 2019 12 to 5 pm
Welcome to the opening Monday 9 September at 6 pm
Body on the Rocks (remix) 2016, HD 16:9 (16 min. 7 sec)
Performed for camera on tripod at the beach in Falmouth, Cornwall on Sunday morning 24 July 2016.
Body with a Corpse 2016, HD 16:9 (11 min.)
Performed form camera on tripod on a beach south of Khao Lak, on 27.12.2016.
Sitting with a Corpse 2016, HD 16:9 (5 min 40 sec)
Performed form camera on tripod on a beach south of Khao Lak, on 31.12.2016.

Media box 19th July to 11th August

Lichen at Allinge is shown in the Mediabox at Gallery Forum Box in Helsinki until the 11th of August. More information on the website, here.
Extracts from a text discussing the making of these works:
“While arriving at the north-western coast of Bornholm, an island situated in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, today officially part of Denmark, for a few days during Easter 2016, I noticed already the first evening the yellow lichen on the cliffs at the shore between the villages Sandkås and Allinge, where the path follows the shoreline. In the afternoon, the following day, when the sunlight was softer than at noon I took my camera and tripod and tried to place myself next to the lichen on the rocks. The only rules I decided to follow were to stand with my back to the camera, as I usually do, and to place the horizon at the centre in the image, to facilitate editing. The approaching dusk and the diminishing light surprised me; the camera needs quite a lot of light for video recording, so I decided to continue the following evening. Pressed for time I decided not to enter the images on the second evening, but to make short 50 second close ups of the rocks and let the yellow lichen come to the fore. I wasted time with the open views, however, fascinated by the combination of black, white and yellow rocks, and dusk was approaching again too soon. The last close ups are not really sharp due to lack of light. When I edited the material, I realized there were very few images of the lichen, after all…” (19-20)
“As an idea, performing with lichen is in many ways suitable as an example for ‘becoming with’ although I was not aware of the notion at the time of making the work. The main reason is that lichen are themselves products of a sympoiesis of sorts, of a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi. Lichen include some of the toughest life forms on the planet that can survive in the harshest of circumstances.” (22)
“Artistic Research as Situated Practice – Performing with Lichen”. In José Quaresma (ed.) Investigação em Artes – A necessidade das ideias artísticas / Research in the Arts – The need for artistic ideas, Associação dos Arqueólogos Portugueses Lisboa 2018, pp. 15-30.