HOMO $ productions

(Homo $ was an independent performance art group composed of artists from different fields that created various events in the 1980’s)
A selection
Dada‑processor. Baltoscandal festival, Pärnu, Estonia; excerpts performed at Tampere Theatre Festival 1990.
Hydra‑variations I + II (Arlander & Kiljunen) MOB‑SHOP IV, Viborg, Denmark and Aurora -seminar, Helsinki 1989.
Victory over the Sun & Elisaveta Bam. Reconstruction of works from 1920’s: (Koskenniemi & Arlander). Co‑production with the performance group Jack‑Helen‑Brut. Soviet avant-garde festival, Imatra 1988 and old student house Helsinki; remake for the ITI‑conference in Helsinki 1989.
Basic facts I‑III. Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art and Swedish Theatre Helsinki 1986.
Ihmisen reiät eli miten anatomian harhat…1‑3 [The holes of man or How the illusions of anatomy…]. (Arlander & Kiljunen). Co-production with the performance group Jack‑Helen‑Brut. Central Museum Jyväskylä, Municipal Theatre of Mikkeli, and Nordic Art Center Sveaborg, Helsinki 1986.
TRANSIT 1‑15 (including the short‑film “Herr Siltanen zu Hause”). Variations for the old student house, the cellar of Theatre Academy, Swedish Theatre, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki Kunsthalle; and in Jyväskylä, Oulu and Stockholm (Ung Nordisk kultur‑ festival at Moderna Muséet) 1985.
Empty spaces (performance). Nordic Art Center, Sveaborg, Helsinki1984.
Kielletyt leikit eli flamenco kuudelle piirtoheittimelle [Forbidden Games or Flamenco for six overhead projectors]. Co‑production with the performance group Jack‑Helen-Brut. Alvar Aalto –museum, Jyväskylä 1984.
Briza Media (performance‑concert). Annantalo Helsinki 1984.
Familykitchen (installation‑performance). TML Gallery Helsinki 1984.
Luce ‑ Il premio di futurismo. Kino‑Cabaret, Helsinki 1983.
HOMO $ proudly presents JOAN BENNETT MUSEO (rock‑concert etc.). Old student house, Helsinki 1983.
Pääsiäispassio [Passion Play for Easter]. Club Einstein, Helsinki 1983.
Pakkomielle on uhrilahja (Besessenheit als Opfergabe) – Nonstop – White moment (installation, performance, short film) in three versions. Helsinki, Seinäjoki and Bern, Switzerland 1983.

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