of performance art, theatre-, dance- and other performances and events
performing in “Epidermis” by Sanna Kekäläinen 28.10.-6.11.2022.
“Pondering in the Park”, performance in Museum Tinguely Park, Basel 23.7.2022.
“Practicing with Pines”, performance and videos as part of the event Seven of Seven, Myymälä2 26.4.2022.
“Performance with a Pine” (in the barracks area near the restaurant on Örö) 2.9. 2021 klo 21.see
“Swinging in a pine”, participatory performance as part of the Öres 2021 exhibition on Örö 26.6.2021 at 3 pm.
“Swinging in a Pine in Hailuoto” as part of Be-coming Tree Spring Event April 24. 2021 at 14.15-15.15 GMT
“Holding Hands with a Pine” in Be-Coming Tree Live Art Event, online 9 January 2021 at 12.15 – 1.15 pm GMT.
“With a Pine” as part of Be-coming Tree, a collective online performance 31.10. 2020.
”With a Rowan”, as part of ABLE happening by Island Rehearsals on Harakka Island 20.8.2020
“Be-coming Tree”, participating with a pine in a collective performance via zoom on 1.8.2020.
“With an apple tree” at Sumatrantien Suomalaisugrilainen käsitekesä 17.7.2020.
“With a Juniper” as part of Island Rehearsals on Harakka Island 5.6. 2020.
“Performing with a Pine tree”, participatory presentation in two parts, Stockholm University of the Arts Research Week 22-25 January 2019.
“Let’s talk about performance! IV” Conversations on performance art with professors Gavin Butt and Tero Nauha at Huuto gallery 17.11.2018.
“How to do things in alliance with concepts, things, bodies or plants?”
performance at Alliances and Commonalities, Stockholm University of the Arts
25-27 October 2018.
“Let’s talk about performance! III” Conversation on performance art with Tomasz Szrama at Muu gallery 1.10.2018.
“Regurgitated perspectives – an excerpt” with HTDTWP at The Spring Research Day at Kiasma, 25.4.2018.
Conversations on performance art II, with Essi Kausalainen and Sara Pathirane at Muu gallery 23.4.2018.
“Regurgitated Perspectives” together with HTDTWP at the 9th SAR conference – International Conference on Artistic Research at University of Plymouth 11-13.4. 2018.
Conversations on Performance art with artist and curator Leena Kela at Muu gallery 27.2.2018
Conversation with Irini Papadimitriou at Muu gallery 3.11.2017.
How to do things with performance, part II Conversation with Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola at Muu gallery 1.11. 2017.
How to do things with Performance Art: A conversation with Charles Garoian and Ray Langenbach at Muu Gallery, 26.10. 2017.
Audiences Swinging Together, participatory performance organised by Nordic Performance Art – Reaching a New Audience in Munkemose, Odense, 1.9.2017.
“How to do things with Performance?” Presentation and workshop with HTDTWP at the Sao Paulo Escuola del Teatro 6.7.2017.
“Accessing Performance”, a two-day event by HTDTWP with contributions by Arlander, Järvinen, Nauha & Porkola at the Artistic Research Pavilion on Giudecca in Venice 17-18.5.2017.
“What is Given?” A three-hour collaborative session by HTDTWP, or Nauha, Porkola, Järvinen & Arlander at the SAR (Society for Artistic Research) Conference Please specify! at the University of the Arts Helsinki 28-29.4.2017.
Swinging Together. Performance at LARU15 – Human Era Nordic environmental art exhibition, opening 29.8 and closing event 4.10.2015.
Keinutellen kuutamolla. (Swinging by the Moon), performance with projection at Full Moon Party, Harakka Island 9.8.214.
Swinging Tonight, performance with projection at t0NiGHt performance art event Suomenlinna 25.7.2014.
Annual Rings. Memory of Harakka, performance event 2.8.2009
Shawl play for BA (durational). Esityspannuhalli, Cable factory 4.4. 2009
Shawl play for BA. Nyrjähdys-club, Kasisali, Lahti 12.12. 2008
Wind Nest Variation. 7 a*11d – performance art festival, Toronto, 1.11.2008
Winter Windnest. Esitystaidehalli 12.-13.4. 2008
Wind’s Nest – Witches’ Broom. Amorph festival, Helsinki 15.8. 2006
Chekhov: Metsähiisi [Wood Demon]. FIN. Directed by AA. Municipal Theatre of Turku 2006.
Go to the Shore. performance at Fluxee –club Turku 27.11.2004
Kristallipallo [Crystal Ball] Inauguration performance. Theatre Academy 7.11.2003
Sitting on a Rock at Muu. Video and performance. Muumaanantai/live, Muu gallery 14.9.2003
Pikkukivet [Pebbels]. Video and performance. Kilpikonnaklubi, gallery Forum Box 5.4.2003
Acting; Rosa Luxenburg, old Helmi, and narrator in Hulkko: Mirriseni, directed by P. Hulkko. FIN. Ateneum Theatre 2003.
Tuulikaide – Wind Rail. Video and performance, Kiasma Theatre 12-13.10.2002
Hlebnikov: Atlantiksen tuho [The destruction of Atlantis]. FIN. Directed by AA. In Työnimi Atlantis [Working Title – Atlantis]. Theatre Academy 2002.
Acting; Helena in Harri: Näin Helenan täytyy [Thus Helena has to do], directed by M. Harri. In Työnimi Atlantis [Working Title – Atlantis]. FIN. Theatre Academy 2002.
Beckett: Cascando. FIN. Directed by AA. In 5 x Beckett by Circus Maximus. FIN.Tampere 2001.
Acting; the woman in Beckett: Keinutellen [Rockabye], directed by T. Heinämäki. In 5 x Beckett, Circus Maximus. FIN. Tampere 2001.
Winterson/Arlander: Missä kivi puhuu [Where Rock Speaks]. Directed by AA. FIN. In Harakka Laboratories, Helsinki 2000 & Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE 2000.
Tanssii keijujen kanssa [Dancing with fairies]. Directed by AA. Pikinini meri ry. Barker Theatre. Turku 2000.
Beckett: Quad, Catastrophe. FIN. Directed by AA. Zodiak – Centre for New Dance. Helsinki 1998.
Eriksdotter-Svensson: Systrarna på Kökar [The Sisters on Kökar]. SWE. Directed by AA. Outdoor theatre on the island of Kökar 1997.
Hukkila: Poikia [Boys]. FIN. Directed by AA. Museum of Contemporary Art & Kokeellisen esitystaiteen keskus [Centre for experimental performance]. Ateneum Theatre 1997.
Acting; Sister Mariana in Alcoforado: Sisar Marianan rakkauskirjeet [The Love Letters of Sister Mariana], directed by A. Hansson. FIN. Theatre Academy 1997.
Calvino/Siltanen: “Jos talviyönä matkamies…” [If on a winter’s night a traveller]. FIN. Directed by AA. Helsinki Festival. Merikaapelihalli, Cable factory. Helsinki 1996.
Vvedenski: Joitakin keskusteluja I‑X [Some conversations I-X]. TEE ‑ research project. FIN. Directed by AA. Ten locations in Helsinki. 1993‑94.
Müller: Sakset, kivi, paperi [scissors, stone, paper – including Verkommenes Ufer, Medeamaterial, Landschaft mit Argonauten etc.] FIN. Directed by AA. Workers’ Theatre of Tampere 1991.
Müller/Arlander: Hydra Ruttopuistossa [Hydra in the Plague park]. FIN. Directed by AA. Finnish Radio Theatre and the Hydra‑production group 1990.
Hlebnikov: Rouva Le Nin [Madame Laneen]. FIN. Directed by AA. Independent production. White Hall in Helsinki 1990. 2.nd version. Vasa festival 1991.
Handke: Handke, som sagt [Handke, as mentioned – including Publikumsbeschimpfung, Selbstbezichtigung, Weissagung, Hilferufe] SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Municipal Theatre of Turku 1990.
Strindberg: Samum. FIN. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy 1990.
Dada processor. HOMO $ production. Baltoscandal festival, Pärnu, Estonia; excerpts performed at Tampere Theatre Festival 1990.
Müller etc./Arlander: Hydra eli mitä yö vastaa kun metsä huutaa: “pysy rajoissasi anna periksi hellitä” [Hydra or what the night answers when the forest shouts: keep within bounds, give up, relax – including Herakles 2. oder die Hydra and texts by V. Woolf, D. Barnes, A. Garreta, C. Wolff, S. Sonntag, G. Stein]. FIN. Directed by AA. Hydra production group. Cable factory. Helsinki 1989.
Hydra variations I + II (Arlander & Kiljunen) MOB SHOP IV, Viborg, Denmark and Aurora seminar, Helsinki 1989.
Acting Glory Leppänen – in Lehtonen: Aino Ackté. FIN. (Television) 1989.
Night music with Annette Arlander, in Vingslag. SWE. 14.9.1989.
Müller etc.: Minä jäätynyt myrsky [I, the Frozen Storm – including Bildbeschreibung, Alkestis, Kumasaka etc.]. FIN. Directed by AA. Municipal Theatre of Oulu 1988.
Victory over the Sun & Elisaveta Bam. Reconstruction of works from 1920’s: (Koskenniemi & Arlander). HOMO $ production. Co production with the performance group Jack Helen Brut. Soviet avant-garde festival, Imatra 1988 and old student house Helsinki; remake for the ITI conference in Helsinki 1989.
Beckett/Arlander: Askeleet [Footfalls]. FIN. Directed by AA. Ilvesteatteri Helsinki. 1987.
Canetti: Hetki eli Ehdonalaiset [Die Befristeten]. FIN. Directed by AA. Municipal Theatre of Seinäjoki 1987.
The Young Man, radio review of Botho Strauss’ novel, in Jag läste häromdan. SWE. 4.10.1987.
Maeterlinck: De Blinda [Les Aveugles] SWE. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy. Performed also at the festival of theatre schools in Lyon 1986.
Siltanen, Wulff: Akvarium‑Akvaario‑Aquarium. ENG/ FIN / SWE. Directed by AA. Lilla Teatern, Rajasaari [water purification plant], Helsinki 1986.
Basic facts I–III. HOMO $ production. Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art and Swedish Theatre Helsinki 1986.
Ihmisen reiät eli miten anatomian harhat…1–3 [The holes of man or How the illusions of anatomy…]. (Arlander & Kiljunen). HOMO $ production. Co-production with the performance group Jack Helen Brut. Central Museum Jyväskylä, Municipal Theatre of Mikkeli, and Nordic Art Center Sveaborg, Helsinki 1986.
Visualisation of Kaija Saariaho’s concert in Retretti, Savonlinna 1986.
Acting; the witch in King: The Last Season. EN. (Film) 1986.
Beckett: Spöktrio [Ghost‑trio]. SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Finnish TV Theatre 1985.
Churchill: Top Girls. FIN. Directed by AA. Municipal Theatre of Vaasa 1985.
Cocteau, Beckett: Inte jag – och andra vaggvisor för sömnlösa (Not I and other lullabies for the sleepless – including Le Bel Indifferent, La Voix Humaine, Not I, Rockaby). SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Theatre Helsinki 1985.
TRANSIT 1–15 (including the short film “Herr Siltanen zu Hause”). HOMO $ production. Variations for the old student house, the cellar of Theatre Academy, Swedish Theatre, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki Kunsthalle; and in Jyväskylä, Oulu and Stockholm (Ung Nordisk kultur festival at Moderna Muséet) 1985.
Acting; the witness in Lindman: Harjunpää. FIN. (Television) 1985.
Acting; the mistress in Mesterton: Muta och kör. SWE. (Television) 1985.
Turha Joukko. Final show for the contemporary dance‑week. Directed by AA. Helsinki 1984.
Empty spaces (performance). HOMO $ production. Nordic Art Center, Sveaborg, Helsinki1984.
Kielletyt leikit eli flamenco kuudelle piirtoheittimelle [Forbidden Games or Flamenco for six overhead projectors]. HOMO $ production. Co production with the performance group Jack Helen-Brut. Alvar Aalto –museum, Jyväskylä 1984.
Briza Media (performance concert). HOMO $ production. Annantalo Helsinki 1984.
Familykitchen (installation performance). HOMO $ production. TML Gallery Helsinki 1984.
Visualisation of Kaija Saariaho’s concert in Helsinki 1984.
Visualisation of Kurtz concerts at Helsinki University festive hall and at the old student house 1984.
Groth: Skotten i Helsingfors [The Shots in Helsinki]. SWE. Directed by AA. Lilla Teatern, Helsinki 1983.
Out of Aniara. With Ulla Koivisto. Independent production. Ryhmäteatteri Helsinki 1983.
Luce – Il premio di futurismo. HOMO $ production. Kino Cabaret, Helsinki 1983.
HOMO $ proudly presents JOAN BENNETT MUSEO (rock concert etc.). Old student house, Helsinki 1983.
Pääsiäispassio [Passion Play for Easter]. HOMO $ production. Club Einstein, Helsinki 1983.
Pakkomielle on uhrilahja [Besessenheit als Opfergabe] – NonstopWhite moment (installation, performance, shortfilm) in three versions. HOMO $ production. Helsinki, Seinäjoki and Bern, Switzerland 1983.
Nietzsche/Paasonen: Zarathustra. SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Theatre Helsinki 1982.
Kuolemantanssi [death dance] for sculpture by J. Kaarlehto. Directed by AA. Hansa-square, Helsinki 1982.
Wecksell/ Salervo: Daniel Hjort. FIN. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy Helsinki 1981.
Wilde/Hemming: Salomé. SWE. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy. Helsinki 1981.
Smeds: Vilse i öknen [Lost in the desert]. SWE. Directed by AA. The School Theatre 1980.
Smeds: Agamemnons barn [The Children of Agamemnon]. SWE. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy 1980.
Strindberg: Fröken Julie [Miss Julie]. SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Municipal Theatre of Turku 1979.
Smeds: Så länge du lever [As long as you live]. SWE. Directed by AA. Theatre Academy 1979.
Wulff: Liv & Tvång [Life & Obligation] SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Student Theatre, bomb shelter of Helsinki City Museum 1979.
Euripides: Backantinnorna [The Bacchae]. SWE. Directed by AA. Swedish Student Theatre, Kaivopuisto Park 1978.

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