Performances and Workshops with HTDTWP

HTDTWP: epilogue, exhibition in the Research Pavillion 22-24.6.2021 with a Longtable performance 23.6.2021 at 6 pm. See here
“HTDTWP: Grande Finale”, University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy (online) 6-7.5.2021 see here
Online installation and conversation at Tutke Spring Days 28-29.4.2020
HTDTWP installation:
Two-day online workshop with HTDTWP for DA and MA students at Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy 14-15. May 2020
“The human in performance” panel presentation at PARSE-conference THE HUMAN, Gothenburg 13-15.11.2019
“Elastic Connections – Creativity, Resistance, Resilience: A Long Table by the How to Do Things with Performance? research project” at Psi #25 in Calgary 4-7 July 2019, see here
“Long table on productive gaps – How to do things with performance?” with HTDTWP at the 10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Zurich University of the Arts, March 21-23, 2019
“How to do things in alliance with concepts, things, bodies or plants?”
performance at Alliances and Commonalities, Stockholm University of the Arts
25-27 October 2018. see conference website
“Migrating concepts in performance” panel with How to do things with performance? at IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference Theatre and Migration in Belgrad 19-23.7.2018.
“Networking Finland, Malta, Korea – a performative panel across time and space” with How to do things with performance? at PSi (Performance Studies International) #24 in Daegu, Chorea 3-6.7.2018.
“What is Performativity in Finnish?” panel with How to Do Things with Performance -project at Cultural Mobility of Performance and Performativity Studies International Conference, Kraków 28-30.5.2018.
“Regurgitated perspectives – an excerpt” with HTDTWP at The Spring Research Day at Kiasma, 25.4. 2018, at 5 pm (not 2 pm)
“Regurgitated Perspectives” together with HTDTWP at the 9th SAR conference – International Conference on Artistic Research Artistic Research will Eat Itself at University of Plymouth 11-13 April 2018.
“How To Do Things With Performance -seminar” at New Performance Turku Festival, Titanik Gallery 7.10.2017
“How to do things with Performance?” Presentation and workshop with HTDTWP at the Sao Paulo Escola del Teatro 6.7.2017 at 7pm.
Panel by the research project How to Do Things with Performance at the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference Unstable Geographies – Multiple Theatricalities in Sao Paulo 10-14.7.2017.
Participation in the Artistic Research Working Group at PSI#23 Overflow (Performance Studies International conference) in Hamburg June 8-11.2017.
“Accessing Performance”, a two-day event by HTDTWP with contributions by Arlander, Järvinen, Nauha & Porkola at the Artistic Research Pavilion on Giudecca in Venice 17th and 18th May 2017. See program
“What is Given?” A three-hour collaborative session by HTDTWP, or Nauha, Porkola, Järvinen & Arlander at the SAR (Society for Artistic Research) Conference Please specify! at the University of the Arts Helsinki 28-29 April 2017. see conference website

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