News and Recent Projects

Out right now
“Writing with a Pine: Addressing a Tree as Audience.” Näyttämö Ja Tutkimus, 9, 103–120. Retrieved from (the whole volume available here)
Revisiting the Aspen Tree, Screenworks December 2022
Becoming a Tree with a Tree.
Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices Vol. 14 Number 2 2022, 231-248. (unfortunately, it is not open access, try to access via your library)

Ongoing events
Talking with Trees – Puhetta Puille – Talar med Träd a podcast on Soundcloud, here
Maiseman muisti [Memory of the Landscape], video works on Harakka Island (via qr codes), see yellow stars on the map

Upcoming events
Pondering with Pines – Miettii mäntyjen kanssa – Funderar med Furor, exhibition in the Telegraph gallery on Harakka Island 6-18.6.2023

Upcoming talks and presentations
“Is it too late to start talking with trees?” at SAR conference in Trondheim 19.-21.4.2023

Forthcoming publications
“Miten julkaista esitys toisin? – Miten tehdä asioita esityksellä -tutkimushankkeen kokemuksia konferenssiesitysten julkaisemisesta” in Taidelähtöinen toisinjulkaiseminen
”’Kertaa ja koosta’ – työmenetelmä ja julkaisumuoto” in Näin teimme esityksellä (by HTDTWP)

Research and other projects in progress
Pondering with Pines, see separate blog and an archive on the RC here

Current engagements
Visiting researcher at Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, see


Recent exhibitions, events and performances
“Furorna i Bodafors” [The Pines in Bodafors] exhibition at Malmstén school in Stockholm 22.11.- 4.12.2022. Curator Alessandra di Pisa

Recent publications
A network text for JAR: “How should I write about my work? Notes on publishing artistic research.” 29/12/2022.
Performing and Thinking with Trees, Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Art 15, University of the Arts Helsinki. Online here:

Recent talks, papers and presentations
presentation at the symposium Approaching Plants – Studying human-plant relations beyond disciplines, University of Würzburg 23-24.3.2023
Library Lunch talk, conversation with Eleanor Bauer at SKH (Stockholm University of the Arts) library 7 and 14 March 2023.
Moderating at Lethe symposium, SKH (Stockholm University of the Arts) 2-4.3.2023.
Norwegian Artistic Research School – seminar 2 in Voksenåsen, Oslo 8-10.2.2023
“On Documentation”, zoom lecture at SKH 1.2.2023.
“How to do things with artistic research – notes on diversification and in(ter)disciplinarity”, lecture at the winter school
Integrative Humanities: Intersecting Art, Science, Nature and Technology, Tallinn University 23–27 January 2023.
“Perspectives” (via zoom) as part of
Performing Landscapes Laboratorium, Copenhagen 27.1.2023

Recently finished projects
Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees, see Uniarts website, a separate blog and an archive on the RC here
How to do things with performance? – Miten tehdä asioita esityksellä?, a four-year (five year) research project funded by the Academy of Finland, with Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola (2016-2021). More info on the Uniarts website of HTDTWP with links to blog and living archive on the RC.

Previous engagements
Member of the Committee for Artistic Research at the Swedish Research Council 2018-2021.
Member of the editorial board of Ruukku – Studies in Artistic Research 2012 – 2021.
Professor of performance, art and theory at Stockholm University of the Arts Research Centre (2018-2019),
Member of the board of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program (2015-2018)
State Prize for multidisciplinary art 2018
info in Finnish and in Swedish, with photo, here


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