Sound installations

Most of the sound installations are based on recorded speech: FIN (=in Finnish), SWE (=in Swedish), EN (=in English)
The Hazel (Pähkinä – Nöt –Nut). Tri-lingual site-specific sound work FIN, SWE, EN. (11-12 min.) Hidden Art environmental art exhibition in Pori, Finland at the location N61*29.515,EO21*48.001  13.5.-31.8.2016
In the shadow of the Hawthorn.Tri-lingual site-specific sound installation FIN, SWE, EN. Duration 4 x 5 min. Living Room 306, 4 km2 –festival Turku 2.-I5.6.2010. see presentation and festival website
Omenapuu [Apple Tree] Site-specific audio play. FIN. Duration 30 min. Hiidentie/Taiteen tiet, environmental art exhibition, Salo area 5.6.-6.9. 2008.
Tuulenpesä [Witches’ Broom]. Audio play in two parts. FIN. Duration 1-2 min. Myrkkyä. Gift [poison] –exhibition. Harakka Island 17.5.-19.9. 2006. See presentation
Pajun puhetta [Willow talk]. Site-specific audio play in two parts FIN. Duration 5 min. Tuntematon Töölö [Unknown Töölö] –exhibition. Helsinki 25.-29.4.2006.
Sitting on a Rock. Audio play (monologue) FIN. Duration 3 min. Year of the Horse on Harakka, Telegraph of Harakka 3.6.-16.6. 2003.
Puut puhuvat [Trees Talk]. Site-specific audio plays (monologues). FIN. Duration 5 x 4 min. Minna’s Park, ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio 16.-19.9. 2004. See festival website
Puut Puhuvat [Trees Talk]. Site-specific audio plays (monologues). FIN. Duration 5 x 4-6 min. Reviiri –exhibition on Harakka Island 3.7.-14.9. 2003. See presentation
Soliseva laakso [Murmuring valley]. Sound installation, souvenir and performance documentation (four channel sound work based on text by Ramon Llull) FIN. Duration 2 x 1 hour. Telegraph of Harakka 30.7.-16.8. 2002. See presentation
Missä kivi puhuu [Where rock speaks] Audio plays and sound installations in the ammunition cellars on Harakka Island. Co-production with the Finnish Radio Theatre and Helsinki 2000 -project, 7.-22.10. 2000. See presentation
Quinsai Audio play. Duration 30 min. FIN. Co-production with the Finnish Radio Theatre. Harakka 10 years –exhibition. Harakka Island 1998 and ABC- Architektuurzentrum, Haarlem, Netherlands 9.5.- 27.6.1999.
Joka tapauksessa luultavasti [In any case, probably]. Sound work for Zet outdoor exhibition, Oulu 1991.