of exhibitions, screenings and residencies
Year of the Pig with a Tatarian maple (mini) in Muu’s compilation at Film Front festival, Novi Sad 29.10.2022.
Wood Art Residency Bodafors, summer 2022.
“In Light of Plants”, group residency at Saari 2-14.7.2022.
Revisiting the Pine and other video works. Telegraph gallery on Harakka Island 25.5.-5.6.2022.
Dear Deceased (with text) at Vision Forum Helsinki – Emergence, Microbes, Governing bodies mini festival, SOLU space 2.6.2022.
Dear Deceased in Mediaboxi, Gallery Forum Box 11.2.2022-6.3.2022
Meetings with Spruces and Birches. Gallery Forum Box 11.2.2022-6.3.2022.
Open studio on Harakka as part of Konstrundan 4.9. and 5.9.2021.
Dear Spruce – Kuusi Hyvä 1-7 (2020) and July with a Pine (2020) in the exhibition Artists’ Island on Harakka Island 9.8.-26.9.2021.
On the Edge II-IV shown in a screening of short films by Örö residency artists at Norpas festival 7.8.2021.
Eckerö Post och Tullhus, residency in Eckerö, July 2021.
Videos and photos in HTDTWP: epilogue, exhibition in the Research Pavillion 22-24.6.2021.
On the Edge video and photos in Öres 2021 exhibition on Örö and online 20.6.-31.9.2021.
The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016) in LiikKUVAT exhibition in Harjavalta hospital 18.6.-16.8.2021.
Ars Bioarctica residency in Kilpisjärvi, two weeks in June 2021.
The Tree Calendar. Telegraph on Harakka Island, 19-30.5.2021. The Tree Calendar – Puukalenteri – Trädkalender. Telegraph on Harakka Island, 19-30.5.2021.
Päiväkoti residency in Hailuoto, April 2021.
Sitting on a Birch (2006) in MIRRORED – photo performance exhibition, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre Cable Factory, 10.3-16.5.2021.
“Ask a Tree”, provocation in “Designing the Pluriversity”, March 2021, see here
Dear Firethorn Rhus (with text), Muu Gala 19-22.11.2020
Öres residency, November 2020.
Mustarinda residency, September 2020.
From the Mainland. Telegraph on Harakka Island 14-26.7.2020.
Day with a Juniper, Video Weeks in Gallery Sinne 21-26.1.2020.
Swinging – With a Pine – Hanging, installation in the exhibition I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience, in Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki 27.11.-11.12.2019.
Trees in Victoria (Lorne), at Videoforma 7 festival in St Petersburg 9.11.2019.
With a Beech in Djurgården at Stationen, Svenshögen 9-13.10.2019.
Body on the Rocks. Telegraph on Harakka Island 9-15.9.2019.
Lichen at Alllinge in Mediaboxi, Gallery Forum Box 19.7.-11.8. 2019.
Sunday with a Pine, screening at Evolving the Forest conference, Dartington Hall, Devon 19-21.6.2019.
Windrail II in Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri [Visible and Invisible Sea) on Harakka Island 11-20.6.2019.
Trees in Victoria (Apollo Bay) and Trees in Victoria (Lorne) in Art Fair Suomi 23-26.5.2019.
Necklace of images, late floppy disc period, exhibition in Harakka Library, 5.5.-31.10 2019.
Hanging in a Pine tree or appearing with plants, video essay at Performance Philosophy Research Festival and Conference, Intervention! Intoxication?, Amsterdam 14-17.2019.
At Dusk in “This was the silence I wanted to break in You”, an event organized by students at Stockholm University 18.1.2019.
Visiting a Tree, installation and presentation at Floating Peripheries conference, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi 14-16.1.2019.
Stockholm Tree Calendar, one tree video a month, entrance to SKH, Linnégatan 87, Stockholm, 1.1.- 31.12.2019.
Rainy Day in Rekdal and Grey Day in Rekdal, installation and screening at the symposium Tanz Der Dinge / Things that dance at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 5-7.10.2018
Trees in Victoria. Telegraph on Harakka Island 3.-12.8.2018.
Rainy Day in Rekdal and Grey Day in Rekdal at the Learning Center of Aalto University during the conference Radical Relevances 25-27.4.2018
Once Again – video works from Harakka Island and Lake Kilpis. Muu Gallery, Helsinki 7.10.-12.11 2017.
Artist-in-residence, Nida Art Colony, Nida Lithuania, september 2017.
Year of the Snake – Swinging (mini) at the video- and performance art festival MEETINGS, ET4U, Contemporary visual art projects – Mid & Western Jutland at Skaerum, Mölle, 1.9.2017.
Cami de Cavalls. Telegraph of Harakka 26.7.- 6.8.2017.
Year of the Rat Upphill-Downhill (2009) Kunsthalle Helsinki exhibition Me:Self-portraits Through Time 27.5.- 6.8.2017.
Animal years I (2003-2009) and Animal Years II (2010-2014) as part of Accessing Performance at the Research Pavilion in Venice 17. and 18. May 2017.
Solsidan 1-4 (2016) at Art fair Suomi, Cable factory, Helsinki 25-28.5.2017.
Year of the Horse – On Rock and Wood (2010) at LiikKuvat,Pitkäniemi Hospital in Tampere 31.3.-30.7. 2007.
The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016) at Fringe Arts Bath Festival 26 May 2017.
Year of the Horse – On Rock and Wood (2010) as part of LiikKUVAT, Pitkäniemi Hospital, Tampere 31.3.-30.7. 2017.
The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016) in Mediaboxi in Gallery Forum Box 1.4.-23.4.2017
Day and Night with Malla University of Exeter 8-9 September, as part of the rockbody-exhibition.
Hamletinkone [Hamletmachine] (31 min. 26 sec) video installation with radio play Hamletinkone (FIN 1989) in the summer exhibition Hamlet of Harakka on Harakka Island 13.8. – 4.9.2016
The Hazel (Pähkinä – Nöt –Nut). Trilingual site-specific sound work. Hidden Art environmental art exhibition in Pori, Finland 13.5.-31.8.2016
Sal 1, in Video Forever 28 Ocean at musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris 4.5.2016.
Day and Night of the Snake, at Moi Helsinki in Beijing 13-15.5 2016
Year of the Snake – Swinging Along, as part of LiikKUVAT project, in Pitkäniemi Psychiatric Hospital, Tampere 19.2.-21.4. 2016
Rock triangels 1 – Searching for a Meteorite (2000) Art Fair Finland 2015, Cable Factory 17-20.9.2015
Calling the Dragon (South) in Saarelaiset (the Islanders), gallery Kivensilmä, Myllypuro 3.-29. September.
Diary 17.2.-5.6.2015 in Artists’ Books on Harakka Island 10.-30.8.2015
Year of the Tiger (mini) in Performance Voyage 5. International tour started 8.3.2015 Opening in Helsinki 10.9.2015.
Looking at Malla in Mediaboxi at Gallery Forum Box 6.3.-29.3.2015
Year of the Snake – Swinging (mini) at Cyprus International Performance Art Festival screenings, Nicosia 27.6 2014.
ArsBioarctica Residency, Kilpisjärvi biological station, Finland. April and June 2014.
Year of the Snake – Swinging (mini). In Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Chicago, video series 8.6.2014.
Year of the Snake – In the Swing, Year of the Snake – Swinging Along, Before Sunrise (Mornings in May). Water Images summer exhibition Harakka Island 29.5.-19.6.2014.
Year of the Snake Swinging. Muu gallery 3.-25.5.2014.
Winter Wind Nest (video installation) Art Fair Finland 27.9.-6.10.2013
Year of the Dragon, Gallery Huuto 23.8.-8.9.2013
Becoming Juniper in Rain, in Performative Consequences and Affects: New Finnish Performance Art on Video, Museum of Modern Art Sao Paulo 13.8.2013.
Year of the Rabbit – installation, in the Materia -exhibition, Harakka Island 31.5.-20.6.2013
Year of the Rat – Mermaid 1-2, LiikKUVAT project, Kauppi Hospital, Tampere 8.3.- 8.6.2013
Year of the Ox – Riding a Buoy, in the exhibition Here and Now– Performance Art in Finland Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku 1.2.–28.4. 2013
Day and Night of the Dog, in the collection Performance Voyage 3 – a Series of International Video Performances, Muu Studio 8.2.-3.3.2013
Year of the Rabbit. Gallery Jangva 9.-27.1.2013
Year of the Rat – Dripping (short) Experiments and Intensities vol 2 Ex-Trauma: The Opposite of the Traumatic 2012
Experiments and Intensities vol.2 cur./eds. Annette Arlander, Yvon Bonenfant, Mary Agnes Kroll Ex-trauma – the opposite of the traumatic. (November 2012.)
The Steaming Earth. Muu gallery 28.9.-17.10 2012
Year of the Tiger 1-2 (long), Harakan Energia 6.6.-1.7.2012
Year of the Tiger. Gallery Jangva 11.-29.1.2012
Year of the Ox – In a Yoke 1-2, 21st Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival Curta Cinema 27.10.-6.11.2011.
Sandglass – time images. Ammunition cellar on Harakka island 4. 17.8.- 31.8. 2011
Year of the Rat – Dripping (short), Performance Voyage 23.-29.5 Titanic gallery, Performanssi 2011, Turku
Sal – Salt basins on Cape Verde, Finnish Institute in Estonia, Tartu 6.12.2010- 30.1.2011
The Secret Garden 1-2, Polku (the Path), photo- and video exhibition at Honkahovi, Mänttä 6.10.-18.12.2010
Year of the Rat – Dripping (short), d2d direct to documentation, 7a*11d festival, Toronto 27.10.2010
Year of the Rat – Dripping (short), Cartes Flux festival, Cable factory, Helsinki 23-24.10.2010
Year of the Ox. Muu gallery 3.-26-9.2010
Shadow on the bench and Double Happiness in Water. Art Fair Suomi 10, 28.8.-5.9.2010
With or without a human. video works, Ammunition cellar on Harakka island 4.8.–29.8. 2010
In the shadow of the Hawthorn (sound installation) in Living Room 306, 4L km2 urban art festival Turku 2.-5.6.2010
Videos and still images (Year of the Rat), Gallery Katarina 25.11.-13.12. 2009
Wind Rail I and II (videos) Art Fair Suomi 09 26.9.-4.10.2009
The Shores of Harakka 2002-2008 and Gas masks, in the exhibition Harakan muisti 31.7.-13.9 2009
Good Morning. Private Universes, exhibition in a private apartment in Helsinki 9.5.-23.5. 2009
Year of the Dog in Kalvola – Calendar, Ihme days, Old student’s house, Helsinki 3.- 5.4.2009
Weather vane variation, View 09 festival Cable factory 28.2.-1.03.2009
Shawl play for Dara Birnbaum, Nolla Desibeliä event, Tampere 21.-22.2. 2009
Year of the Rooster. Artists 2008 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa 26.9.-2.11.2008
Shawls, Three Shawls and Shawl play, Art Fair Suomi 08 12-19.9.2008
Apple tree (sound work), Hiidentie (The Gnome’s road) Environmental Art Exhibition, Salo 5.6.-6.9.2008
Year of the Pig. Telegraph of Harakka 13.-31.8. 2008
Year of the Dog. View 08 festival 24-25.5.2008
Wind Nest. What is Live Art in Finnish (DVD and exhibition) 6.11. – 25.11.2007
Wind Nest. Unter Wasser und Wind, Atelier Antje Wiewinner, Osnabrück 21.10-3.11.2007
Rauks, in the exhibition Seascape, Harakka island 20.5.-2.9.2007
Three Pine Trees – In the Year of the Dog 2006. Telegraph of Harakka 4.7.-22.7.2007
Rock with text and Year of the Monkey 1. View 07 festival, Andorra, Helsinki 16-18.2.2007
Year of the Rooster. Art fair Finland 06 22.9.-1.10.2006
Antidote and Witches’ Broom in the exhibition Myrkkyä-Gift (Poison) on Harakka island 17.5.-19.9. 2006
Year of the Rooster. Ammunition cellar on Harakka 19.7.-6.8.2006
Willow Talk (Pajun puhetta) – audio play, in Unknown Töölö – one place after another, a pedagogical collaboration between Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki 25.-29.4.2006.
Tomtebo – Year of the Monkey on Harakka. Telegraph of Harakka 20.7.-31.7.2005
Crystal Ball on Harakka Island. Harakka Library exhibition 2005
The Shore (Three Shores, Harakka Shore–Year of the Goat, Harakka Shore–Day and night of the Monkey and Kiasma Shore), in Vision and Mind, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art 29.5.-26.9.2004
Trees Talk, sound work, ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
, Kuopio 16.-19.9. 2004
Travelling Crystal Ball – souvenirs, landscapes, videos. Telegraph of Harakka 13.-25.7. 2004
Trees Talk, sound work, the exhibition Reviiri on Harakka Island 3.7.-14.9. 2003.
Year of the Horse on Harakka – diary and performance document. Telegraph of Harakka 3.-16.6. 2003
Murmuring valley – sound installation, souvenir and performance document, Harakka 30.7.-16.8. 2002
Beach Pebble – video installation, Telegraph of Harakka 26.6.-15.7.2001
Rock triangles 1 – searching for a meteorite. video installation in the winter exhibition on Harakka 2001
Where Rock Speaks, (Missä kivi puhuu), radio plays and sound installations in the cellars on Harakka island, in collaboration with Radio Theatre and Helsinki Cultural Capital 7.-22.10. 2000
Where the Sea Begins. video installation in the exhibition Calvino Memos, Kontti, Kiasma 20.4.-25.6.2000
Double Happiness in water. video at the summer exhibition on Harakka 27.5.-18.6.2000
Centre D’Art i Natura, Farrera de Pallars, Catalunia. Residency in September 1999.
Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Monaghan, Ireland. Residency in July 1998.

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