Solo exhibitions

Revisiting the Pine and other video works. Telegraph gallery on Harakka Island 25.5.-5.6.2022.
Meetings with Spruces and Birches. Gallery Forum Box 11.2.2022-6.3.2022.
The Tree Calendar. Telegraph on Harakka Island, 19-30.5.2021.
From the Mainland. Telegraph on Harakka Island 14-26.7.2020.
Body on the Rocks. Telegraph on Harakka Island 9-15.9.2019.
Trees in Victoria. Telegraph on Harakka Island 3.-12.8.2018.
Once Again – video works from Harakka Island and Lake Kilpis. Muu Gallery, Helsinki 7.10.-12.11 2017.
Cami de Cavalls. Telegraph of Harakka 26.7.-6.8.2017.
Year of the Snake Swinging. Muu gallery 3.-25.5.2014.
Year of the Dragon. Gallery Huuto 23.8.-8.9.2013.
Year of the Rabbit. Gallery Jangva 9.-27.1.2013.
The Steaming Earth. Muu gallery 28.9.-17.10 2012.
Year of the Tiger. Gallery Jangva 11.-29.1.2012.
The Sand Glass – Time Images. Ammunition cellar, Harakka Island 17.-31.8. 2011.
Sal – Salt basins on Cape Verde. Finnish Estonian Institute, Tarto 6.12.2010-30.1.2011.
Year of the Ox. Muu gallery 3.-26.9.2010.
With or without a human, video works. Ammunition cellar, Harakka Island 4.-29.8. 2010.
Videos and still pictures. Galleria Katariina 25.11.-13.12.2009.
Year of the Pig. Telegraph of Harakka 13.-31.8.2008.
Three Pine Trees – In the Year of the Dog 2006. Telegraph of Harakka 4.-22.7.2007.
Year of the Rooster. Ammunition cellar, Harakka Island 19.7.-6.8.2006.
Tomtebo – Year of the Monkey on Harakka. Telegraph of Harakka 20.-31.7.2005.
Travelling Crystal Ball – souvenirs, landscapes, videos. Telegraph of Harakka 13.-25.7. 2004.
Year of the Horse on Harakka – video diary and performance documentation. Telegraph of Harakka 3.-16.6. 2003.
Murmuring Valley – sound installation, souvenir and performance documentation. Telegraph of Harakka 30.7.-16.8. 2002.
Beach Pebble – video installation. Telegraph of Harakka 26.6.-15.7.2001.

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