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Recent publications
Annette Arlander, Jerry Määttä, Malin Lobell “Engaging with Vegetation”, editorial for Ruukku #16 Working with the Vegetal
“With Spruce Stumps and Old Tjikko – On the Individuality of Trees” in Daniela Fargione and Carmen Concilio (eds.)Trees in Literature and the Arts: Humanarboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene. Lexington Books.
“Day with a Bog Birch – Vegetalising”, available online as theme essay on the Peripheries in Parallax website, here
“Beyond the Saturation Point – Bortom Mättnadspunkten”, VIS #5 2021
“Diffraction, Mixture and Cut-ups in Performing with Plants” in Performance Research 25:5,(2021) 31-38. DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2020.1868835
Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees in Johannesburg and Environs Arts Research Africa, The Wits School of Arts, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2020, here:
“Dear Spruce – Dear Deceased”, available online as theme essay on the Peripheries in Parallax website, here
“Day with Old Tjikko”. In Emergency Index Vol. 9. New York: Ugly Duckling Press 2020, 194-195.
“Dearest Pine.” In Jack Faber and Anna Shraer (eds.) Eco Noir: A Companion for Precarious Times. Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki Publishing 2020, 105-112. See here
“Remembering the Year of the Tiger – Image, Memory, Site” in Marja Silde, Outi Lahtinen & Tua Helve (eds.), Näyttämö & Tutkimus 8: Muisti, Arkisto ja Esitys [Stage & Research 8: Memory, Archive and Performance], 2020, 292-318. See here and here.
“The Shadow of a Pine Tree. Authorship, Agency and Performing Beyond the Human” in Ewa Bal & Mateusz Chaberski (eds.) Situated Knowing. Epistemic Perspectives on Performance. London & New York: Routledge 2020, 157-170.
“Revisiting the Rock – Self-diffraction as a Strategy”, Global Performance Studies 3.2. (2020) here
“Behind the Back of Linnaeus – Bakom ryggen på Linné.” Ruukku – Studies in Artistic Research, Issue #14 Ecologies of practice. Here,
“Performing with Plants in the Ob-scene Anthropocene”. Nordic Theatre Studies vol 32 2020, 121-142
“Revisiting the Rusty Ring – Ecofeminism Today?” PARtake Journal DOI:
Recent interviews
“ARA Podcast – Performance and Research: a discussion with Annette Arlander”. here.
Recent lectures and talks on video
“Principles of Artistic Research in Performance Doctorates” in Visioning the Future: Artistic Doctorates in Ireland. Online Seminar Series 2020, 9 July 11 am to 12 pm. See details here
“What do we mean by artistic research? Some Nordic perspectives on artistic doctorates by Annette Arlander, UniArts Stockholm” at Per/forming Futures: Investigating Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance 11-13 April 2019, organised by ADIE (Artistic Doctorates in Europe) see here.