Non-refereed research articles

“Moninaistuva taiteellinen tutkimus” in Laura Gröndahl (ed) Taiteellinen Tutkimus, Teatterikorkeakoulun julkaisusarja 76, Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu, Helsinki.
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“How should I write about my work? Notes on publishing artistic research.” 29/12/2022.
“Writing with Trees” in Pessi Parviainen (ed.) Proceedings of Carpa 7 – Elastic Writing in Artistic Research Nivel 17 2022, see here
José Quaresma & Annette Arlander “A dialogue about performance, artistic research and trees”, interview in RIACT no 3 (2021), see as a separate pdf AA-interview-from RIACT_3
Annette Arlander, Jerry Määttä, Malin Lobell “Engaging Vegetation in the Arts”, editorial for Ruukku #16 Working with the Vegetal see here
“With Spruce Stumps and Old Tjikko – On the Individuality of Trees” in Daniela Fargione and Carmen Concilio (eds.)
Trees in Literature and the Arts: Humanarboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene. 2021. Lexington Books, 211-228.
“Day with a Bog Birch – Vegetalising” and “Dear Spruce – Dear Deceased”, available online as theme essay on the Peripheries in Parallax website 2021,
“Dearest Pine.” In Jack Faber and Anna Shraer (eds.)
Eco Noir: A Companion for Precarious Times. Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki Publishing 2020, 105-112. See here
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“Visiting a Tree”. In Mari Mäkiranta & Maiju Loukola (eds.) Voices:
Floating Peripheries Conference 2019 – Site and Situation see here
“Performing with a Pine Tree” in Ziegler, Denise (ed.)
I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience. Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research. The Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019, 15-26. Here
“Authentic trees? – Artistic research, non-human collaborators and the documentary”. In Quaresma, José (ed.)
Research in the Arts. Authenticity, Polymathy and Dissimulation. Lissabon: Museo Archeologico, 83-98.
“Looking at Malla / Steaming Earth” in Jonathan Pitches & David Shearing (eds.)
Performance Research Vol 24. No 3: On Mountains.
“It rains – it thinks – it dances” in Johannes Birringer, Josephine Fenger (Hg./eds.)
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“Artistic Research as Situated Practice – Performing with Lichen”. In José Quaresma (ed.) Investigação em Artes – A necessidade das ideias artísticas / Research in the Arts – The need for artistic ideas, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa 2018, pp 27-42.
“Performing with Plants”. In Leena Rouhiainen (ed.)
Perilous Experience CARPA 5 Colloquium Proceedings. Nivel 09 2018 here
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“Taiteellinen tutkimus ja monimuotoistuvat tekstit” [Artistic Research and the Diversification of Texts] in Emilia Karjula and Tiina Mahlamäki (eds.)
Kurinalaisuutta ja kuvitelmia. Näkökulmia luovaan tietokirjoittamiseen. [Discipline and Imagination. Perspectives on Creative Non-fiction Writing] Tarke kustantamo 2017, 164-183.
“Data, Material, Remains”. In Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Teija Löytönen & Mark Tesar (eds.)
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“Vegetal Democracy and Performance as Research”. In Annette Arlander & Manola Gayatri Kumarswami (eds.)
Performance as Research & Democracy. Proceedings of the Performance as Research Working Group Meeting IFTR conference in Hyderabad 6-10 July 2015. (see here)
“Siihen aikaan, kun Tutke perustettiin…” [At the time when Tutke was founded…]. In Soili Hämäläinen (ed.)
Tanssi Yliopistossa. Kirjoituksia uuden koulutus- ja tutkimusalan muotoutumisesta. [Dance in the University. Writings on the Development of a New Discipline] Nivel 07. Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki 2016, 219-225. Here
“Artistic Research and/as Interdisciplinarity – Investigação em Arte e/como Interdisciplinaridade”. In
artistic research does #1. NEA/12ADS Research Group in Arts Education/ Research Institute in Art, Design, Society; FBAUP Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto. 2016, 1-27.
“The Steaming Earth – A Terra Fumegante”, in Teatro Em Campo Expandido – Theatre in the Expanded Field, Art Research Journal 3, 2016, pp 142-157.
“Becoming Juniper – Performing Landscape as Artistic Research”. In Nivel No 5 2015, The Publication Series of the Theatre Academy Helsinki
“‘Becoming Juniper’. Landschaft performen als künstlerische Forschung” [Becoming Juniper – Performing Landscape as Artistic Research]. In Daniela Hahn & Erika Fischer-Lichte (eds.)
Ökologie und die Künste. Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2015, 141-157.
“Mikä esitystutkimus?” [What performance studies?] Introduction in Annette Arlander, Helena Erkkilä, Taina Riikonen & Helena Saarikoski (eds.)
Esitystutkimus [Performance Studies] Partuuna, Helsinki 2015, 7-25.
“From interaction to intra-action in performing landscape”. In: Beatriz REVELLES BENAVENTE, Ana M. GONZÁLEZ RAMOS, Krizia NARDINI (coord.). “New feminist materialism: engendering an ethic-onto-epistemological methodology”. Artnodes. No. 14, 26-34. see here
“Om metoder i konstnärlig forskning / On methods of artistic research” in Torbjörn Lind (ed.)
Metod – Process – Redovisning Konstnärlig Forksning Årsbok 2014 Vetenskapsrådet 2014, Method – Process – Reporting Artistic Research Yearbok 2014 Swedish Research Council 2014, 13-25 / 26-39. Available here.
“Vad minns träden?” – What Do the Trees Remember? In Marsha Meskimmon, Astrid von Rosen and Monica Sand (eds.) Dance as Critical Heritage: Archives, Access, Action. Symposium Report 1. Beginnings. Critical Heritage Studies (CHS) Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg Press 2014, pp. 86-89.
“Riding and Ox in Search of an Ox” in Annette Arlander (ed.).
This and That – Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies. Episodi 04. University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy 2014, 212-230. Available here
“Immediate Mediation – On the Performativity of Blogging” in Bruce Barton, Melanie Dreyer-Lude & Anna Birch (cur/eds.)
Experiments and Intensities Vol 3 Mediating Practices(s) Performance as research and – in – through – mediation 2013.
“Interlude 3: To Write PaR: An International Conversation” in Bruce Barton, Melanie Dreyer-Lude & Anna Birch (cur/eds.)
Experiments and Intensities Vol 3 Mediating Practices(s) Performance as research and – in – through – mediation 2013.
“Interlude 4: To Write PaR, Once Upon a Time in the Chilly North” in Bruce Barton, Melanie Dreyer-Lude & Anna Birch (cur/eds.)
Experiments and Intensities Vol 3 Mediating Practices(s) Performance as research and – in – through – mediation 2013.
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SPACE–EVENT–AGENCY–EXPERIENCE  Open Access E-Publication of the DREX Project. Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre. University of Tampere 2012.
“Laajennettu kuunnelma – miniloitsu ja sen seitsemän esitystä” [Expanded audio play – miniature spell and its seven performances] in Eero Aro & Mikko Viljanen (eds.)
Korville piirretyt kuvat – kirjoituksia kuunnelmasta ja äänitaiteesta [Images Drawn for Ears – Writings on Radio Plays and Sound Art]. Like 2011, 235-280.
“Is performance art self-portraiture? – Me or other people as medium” in Annette Arlander (ed.)
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“Performing with Trees: Landscape and Artistic Research” in John Freeman
Blood, Sweat & Theory – Research through practice in performance. Libri Publishing 2010, 158-176.
“Esiintyjä tekijänä – tekijä esiintyjänä” [Performer as Author – Author as Performer] in
Annukka Ruuskanen (ed.) Nykyteatterikirja – 2000-luvun alun uusi skene [Contemporary Theatre – The new scene in the beginning of the 21st century]. Like 2010, 86-100.
“Kohtaamispaikka, epäpaikka, vastapaikka ja performanssi” [Meeting place, non-place, counter-site, performance] in Lea Kantonen (ed.)
Ankaraa ja myötätuntoista kuuntelua – keskustelevaa kirjoitusta paikkasidonnaisesta taiteesta [Listening with rigour and compassion – dialogical writing on site-specific art]. Academy of Fine Art. Helsinki 2010, 86-94.
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“On performance art and performance art” in Annette Arlander (ed.)
Essays on Live Art and Performance Art. Episodi 2. Theatre Academy Helsinki 2009, 16-25. Available here
“Yksityisestä julkiseen” [From Private to Public] in Risto Pitkänen (ed.)
Taiteilija tutkijana, tutkija taiteilijana [The artist as researcher – The researcher as artist]. Nykykulttuurin tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja 90. University of Jyväskylä 2007, 131-158.
”Performing Landscape” in Soile Veijola (ed.)
Landscapes of Presence – Aesthetics, Amenities and Technologies. University of Lapland Publications in the Social Sciences B 47. Rovaniemi 2003, 145-168.
“Moved by the Wind”
Performance Research Volume 8 No 4. December 2003, 126-129.
“From Space to Place – to Landscape” in
Further and Continuing Education of performing artists in the Nordic countries – a Nordic task. Proceedings from the conference in Oslo, 12th-14th November 1999. Nordic Theatre and Dance – Nordic Centre for the Performing Arts – Nordic Council of Ministers. TemaNord 2000:621. Copenhagen 2000, 43-52.
“Tila ja aika – eli miten megalomaanisesta idealistista tuli suhteellisuudentajuinen pragmaatikko” [Time and space – or how a megalomaniac idealist turned into a pragmatist with a sense of proportion] in Pia Houni & Pentti Paavolainen (eds.)
Taide, kertomus ja identiteetti [Art, Narration and Identity] Acta Scenica 3. Theatre Academy Helsinki 1999, 48-65.
“Esityksen tila – katsojan paikka” [The space of performance – the place of the spectator]
Synteesi 3/1997, 79-88.
“Some Conversations… in various spaces” in Pentti Paavolainen & Anu Ala-Korpela (eds.)
Knowledge is a Matter of Doing. Acta Scenica 1. Theatre Academy Helsinki 1995, 118-125.

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