An exhibition and a maple tree in Stockholm

A small exhibition, “Furorna i Bodafors” [the pines in Bodafors] in the gallery at the Malmsten school in Lidingö, Stockholm, as well as a talk to the students there, was included in my commitments related to the Wood Art Residency Bodafors. Alessandra di Pisa, the curator, helped me plan and actually built the exhibition, which opened on 22 November with a talk at 9 am. Some of the videos created during the residency are on display in small monitors, with my recorded voice on headphones. The photo above is by Leif Burman; the exhibition is documented (in Swedish) on an RC page,
I also returned to the maple tree in Kastellholmen, a small island next to Skeppsholmen in the centre of the city. I made a small test conversation with it, in Swedish, but still have not decided what to do with it really. I visited it already in October, when it still had all its leaves:



Now the leaves were gone. I made only one image, and played with it while editing:




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