Other Performances & Events

“Performance with non-human others”, conversation with Kira O’Reilly in Research Day V: Performance of/in/as an institution, at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy 1.11. 2019.
“Let’s talk about performance! IV” Conversations on performance art with professors Gavin Butt and Tero Nauha at Huuto gallery on Saturday 17th November, see information
“Let’s talk about performance! III” Conversation on performance art with Tomasz Szrama at Muu gallery 1 October 2018. See here.
Conversations on performance art II, with Essi Kausalainen and Sara Pathirane at Muu gallery 23.4.2018. See here and live streaming here.
Conversations on Performance art with artist and curator Leena Kela, 23.february 2018 at Muu gallery See here. See video here.
Conversation with Irini Papadimitriou at Muu gallery 3.11.2017, see here. And video here.
How to do things with performance, part II Conversation with Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola (in Finnish) at Muu gallery 1.11.2017, see here And video here.
How to do things with Performance Art: A conversation with Charles Garoian and Ray Langenbach at Muu Gallery, 26.10.2017, see here
Dance performances – choreography or directing
Tanssii keijujen kanssa [Dancing with fairies]. Pikinini meri ry. Barker Theatre. Turku 2000.
Turha Joukko. Final show for the contemporary dance‑week. Helsinki1984.
Out of Aniara. With Ulla Koivisto. Independent production. Ryhmäteatteri Helsinki 1983.
Kuolemantanssi [death dance] for sculpture by J. Kaarlehto. Hansa-square, Helsinki 1982.
FIN (=in Finnish), SWE (= in Swedish), EN (= in English)
Rosa Luxenburg, old Helmi, and narrator in Hulkko: Mirriseni, directed by P. Hulkko. FIN. Ateneum Theatre 2003.
Helena in Harri: Näin Helenan täytyy [Thus Helena has to do], directed by M. Harri. In Työnimi Atlantis [Working Title – Atlantis]. FIN. Theatre Academy 2002.
Old woman in Beckett: Keinutellen [Rockabye], directed by T. Heinämäki. In 5 x Beckett, Circus Maximus. FIN. Tampere 2001.
Sister Mariana in Alcoforado: Sisar Marianan rakkauskirjeet [The Love Letters of Sister Mariana], directed by A. Hansson. FIN. Theatre Academy 1997.
Glory Leppänen in Lehtonen: Aino Ackté. FIN. (Television) 1989.
The witch in King: The Last Season. EN. (Film) 1986.
The witness in Lindman: Harjunpää. FIN. (Television) 1985.
The mistress in Mesterton: Muta och kör. SWE. (Television) 1985.
Concert visualisations
Kaija Saariaho’s concerts in Helsinki 1984 and in Retretti, Savonlinna 1986.
Kurtz concerts at Helsinki University festive hall and at the old student house 1984.
Radio programs
Night music with Annette Arlander, in Vingslag. SWE. 14.9.1989.
The Young Man, radio review of Botho Strauss’ novel, in Jag läste häromdan. SWE. 4.10.1987.