Residencies & Curating

Wood Art Residency Bodafors, summer 2022, see
here (in Swedish) and experiments on the RC here
“In Light of Plants”, group residency at Saari 2-14.7.2022 see plan
here and updated presentation here
Residency at Eckerö Tull och Posthus in July 2021.
Ars Bioarctica residency at the biological station in Kilpisjärvi for two weeks in June, see
here and here.
Residency in
Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti in Hailuoto in April 2021
Öres, Örö (November 2020)
Mustarinda, Paljakkavaara (September 2020)
ARA (Arts Research Africa), Johannesburg (February-March 2020)
Nida Art Colony, Nida Lithuania (September 2017) see here.
ArsBioarctica Residency, Kilpisjärvi biological station, Finland (April & June 2014)
Centre D’Art i Natura, Farrera de Pallars, Catalunia (September 1999)
Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Monaghan, Ireland (July 1998)
Sixty seconds dance competition 2016, organised by Loikka dance film festival. Member of the Finnish jury. 
Performance Voyage 6. The Future – Tomorrow. Cur. Annette Arlander, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Timo Soppela Screening tour, DVD and exhibition in Stockholm 11.3.-9.4.2016.
Ex-trauma – the opposite of the traumatic. Experiments and Intensities vol.2 cur./eds. Annette Arlander, Yvon Bonenfant, Mary Agnes Kroll (November 2012.) 

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