Annette Arlander is an artist, researcher and a pedagogue, one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and a trailblazer of artistic research. She is educated as theatre director, Master of Arts (philosophy) and Doctor of Art (theatre and drama). Arlander was the first to be awarded a doctorate from the Theatre Academy, Helsinki (in 1999). In 2001 she was invited as professor of performance art and theory to instigate the MA degree program in performance art and theory (or Live Art and performance studies, as it is called today) a position she held until 2013. In 2007-2009 she was also head of the research department or Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) at the Theatre Academy. In 2015-2016 she was professor of artistic research at the University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy and (temporary) vice dean for research there, as well as visiting professor at Stockholm University of the Arts. In 2016 she was professor of artistic research at Academy of Fine Arts University of the Arts Helsinki and is since 2017 a visiting researcher there. In 2017 Arlander was a postdoctoral fellow in the arts at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.
In 2018-2019 she was professor in performance, art and theory at Stockholm University of the Arts with the artistic research project, funded by Vetenskapsrådet, Performing with Plants. She is principal investigator of the Academy of Finland funded research project How to Do Things with Performance (2016-2020). She is member of the editorial board of JAR (Journal for Artistic Research) and Ruukku, member of the executive committee of IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) and co-convener of the Artistic Research Working Group of PSI (Performance Studies International). Arlander’s research interests are related to artistic research, performance-as-research, performance studies, site-specificity and the environment. Her artwork is focused on performing landscape, recently performing with trees, by means of video or recorded voice, and moves between the traditions of performance art, video art and environmental art.
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Arts Promotion Centre, State Prize for Multidisciplinary Art 2018 (info in Finnish)
AVEK, Media Art Prize 2014 AVEK prize_press release
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tel. +358 (0)405320676
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Research projects
Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, with project archive on the Research Catalogue.
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Performing with Plants funded by Kone Foundation and Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council), with timeline on the Research Catalogue and project website on SKH (Stockholm University of the Arts) pages.
Working groups and networks
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Performance as Research Working Group of IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research)
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