Works in group shows

Dear Deceased in Mediaboxi, Gallery Forum Box 11.2.2022-6.3.2022
On the Edge video and photos in Öres 2021 exhibition on Örö and online 19.6.-21.8.2021.
The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016) in LiikKUVAT exhibition in Harjavalta hospital 18.6.-16.8.2021.
Sitting on a Birch (2006) in MIRRORED – photo performance exhibition, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre Cable Factory, 10.3-16.5.2021.
Day with a Juniper, Video Weeks in Gallery Sinne 21-26.1.2020.
Swinging – With a Pine – Hanging, installation in the exhibition I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience, in Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki 27.11.-11.12.2019.
With a Beech in Djurgården, at Stationen, Svenshögen 9-13.10.2019.
Lichen at Alllinge in Mediaboxi, Gallery Forum Box 19.7.-11.8. 2019.
Windrail II in Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri [Visible and Invisible Sea) on Harakka Island 11-20.6.2019.
Trees in Victoria (Apollo Bay) and Trees in Victoria (Lorne) in Art Fair Suomi 23-26.5.2019.
Necklace of images, late floppy disc period, exhibition in Harakka Library, 5.5.-31.10.2019.
Stockholm Tree Calendar, one tree video a month, entrance to SKH, Linnégatan 87, Stockholm, 1.1.- 31.12.2019.
Solsidan 1-4 (2016) at Art fair Suomi, Cable factory, Helsinki 25-28.5.2017.
Year of the Rat Upphill-Downhill (2009) Kunsthalle Helsinki exhibition Me:Self-portraits Through Time 27.5.- 6.8.2017.
Year of the Horse – On Rock and Wood (2010) on display in Pitkäniemi Hospital in Tampere 31.3.-30.7. 2007. Info in Finnish
The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016) in Mediaboxi in Gallery Forum Box 1.4.-23.4.2017
Hamletinkone [Hamletmachine] (31 min. 26 sec) video installation with radio play Hamletinkone (FIN 1989) in the summer exhibition Hamlet of Harakka on Harakka Island 13.8. – 4.9.2016.
The Hazel (Pähkinä – Nöt –Nut). Trilingual site-specific sound work  FIN, SWE, EN. Duration à 11-12 min. Hidden Art environmental art exhibition in Pori, Finland at the location N61*29.515,EO21*48.001  13.5.-31.8.2016
Day and Night of the Snake, at Moi Helsinki in Beijing 13-15.5 2016
Year of the Snake – Swinging Along, as part of LiikKUVAT project, in Pitkäniemi Psychiatric Hospital, Tampere 19.2.-21.4. 2016
Rock triangels 1 – Searching for a Meteorite (2000) Art Fair Finland 2015, Cable Factory 17-20.9.2015.
Calling the Dragon (South) in Saarelaiset (the Islanders), gallery Kivensilmä, Myllypuro 3.- 29. September. See here
Diary 17.2.-5.6.2015 in Artists’ Books on Harakka Island 10.- 30.8.2015.
Looking at Malla in Mediaboxi at Gallery Forum Box 6.3.-29.3.2015 See here
Year of the Snake – In the Swing, Year of the Snake – Swinging Along, Before Sunrise (Mornings in May). Water Images summer exhibition Harakka Island 29.5.-19.6.2014.
Winter Wind Nest (video installation). Art Fair Finland 27.9.-6.10.2013.
Year of the Rabbit – installation. Materia -exhibition. Harakka Island 31.5.-20.6.2013.
Year of the Rat – Mermaid 1-2. LiikKUVAT project. Kauppi Hospital, Tampere 8.3.-8.6.2013.
Year of the Ox – Riding a Buoy. Here and Now – Performance Art in Finland. Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku 1.2.-28.4.2013.
The Sand Glass 1-7. Art Fair Finland 13.-16.9.2012.
Year of the Tiger 1-2 (long). Energia –exhibition. Harakka Island 6.6.-1.7.2012.
Sitting on the Shore; Crystal Ball on the Shore; Crystal Ball on the Ground. Art Fair Finland 25.11- 18.12.2011.
Secret Garden 1-2. Polku valokuva- ja videotaidenäyttely [The Path – photography and video art exhibition]. Taidekeskus Honkahovi, Mänttä 6.10.-18.12.2010.
Shadow on the bench; Double Happiness in Water. Art Fair Finland 28.8.-5.9.2010.
In the shadow of the Hawthorn (sound installation). Living Room 306, 4 km2 festival Turku 2.-5.6.2010.
Wind Rail I & II (videos). Art Fair Finland 26.9.-4.10.2009.
The Shores of Harakka 2002-2008. Memory –exhibition, Harakka 20 years 1.-16.8.2009
Kaasunaamarit [Gas masks]. installation in the auditorium. Harakka 20 years 31.7.-13.9.2009.
Good Morning. Private Universes -exhibition 9.5.-23.5. 2009.
Year of the Rooster. Artists’ Association of Finland, 113. Annual Exhibition: artists 2008. Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa 26.9.-2.11.2008.
Shawls, Three Shawls & Shawplay (performance). Art Fair Finland 12.-19.9.2008.
Omenapuu [Talking apple tree]. Hiidentie/Taiteen tiet, environmental art exhibition, Salo area 5.6.-6.9. 2008.
Das Hexenbesen. Unter Wasser und Wind. Atelier Antje Wiewinner, Osnabrück 21.10-3.11.2007.
Wind Nest – Witches Broom; Rauks. Art Fair Finland 5.-14.10.2007.
Rauks. Seascape. Harakka Island 20.5.-2.9.2007.
Year of the Rooster. Art Fair Finland 22.9.-1.10.2006.
Antidote (photo); Witches’ Broom (audio play). Myrkkyä. Gift [poison] – exhibition. Harakka Island 17.5.-19.9. 2006.
Pajun puhetta [Willow talk] –audio play. Tuntematon Töölö [Unknown Töölö]. Helsinki 25.-29.4.2006.
Crystal Ball on Harakka Island – video stills. Harakka Library exhibition 2005.
Puut puhuvat [Trees Talk] sound work. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio 16.-19.9.2004.
The Shore [Three Shores; Harakka Shore – Year of the Goat; Harakka Shore – Day and Night of the Monkey; Kiasma Shore] video works. Vision and Mind. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsnki 29.5.-26.9.2004.
Puut Puhuvat [Trees Talk]. Reviiri -taidepolku [Territory – Art Path]. Harakka Island 3.7.-14.9.2003.
The Bricks – orientation in space. Harakka library exhibition 2001-2005.
Kalliokolmot 1 – meteoriittia etsimässä [Rock triangles 1 – Searching for a Meteorite]. Winter exhibition. Harakka Island, February-March 2001.
Täällä missä meri alkaa [Where the Sea Begins]. Calvino Memos. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki 20.4.-25.6.2000.
Missä kivi puhuu [Where Rock Speaks], audio plays and sound installations in Harakan Laboratoriot [Harakka Laboratories] collaboration with Radio Theatre and Helsinki 2000. Harakka island, 7.-22.10.2000.
Double Happiness in Water (video). Summer exhibition, Harakka Island 27.5.-18.6.2000.
Quinsai (sound installation). Harakka 10 years. Harakka Island 1998.
Quinsai (sound installation). ABC-Architektuurzentrum. Haarlem, Netherlands 9.5.- 27.6.1999.
Joka tapauksessa luultavasti [In any case, probably] sound installation.  Zet outdoor‑ exhibition,  Oulu 1991.
Päiväkirja [Diary]. Diaries curated by Hannu Gebhart. Kluuvi gallery Helsinki 1989.

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