Publications intended for the general public
“Esitystaide ja performanssi” [Live Art and Performance] in Anssi Mäkinen (ed.) Maamme Suomi WSOY 2007, 420-421.
Unpublished dissertations / theses
Om rummet i några uppsättningar baserade på texter av Velimir Hlebnikov [On space in some productions based on texts by Velimir Hlebnikov] Pro gradu avhandling [MA dissertation] Department for Theatre Research. Helsinki University 1996.
Joitakin keskusteluja XI – Raportti TEE -projektin esityssarjasta Joitakin keskusteluja I-X [Some Conversations XI – report of the performance series Some Conversations I-X], the written part of artistic licentiate thesis. Department of directing and dramaturgy, program of directing. Theatre Academy, 1995.
Translations into Finnish
Bogart, Anne Ohjaaja valmistautuu (The Director Prepares, Seven Essays on Art and Theatre 2001) with translators afterword. Like 2004.
Lehmann, Hans-Thies “Teatteri mahdollisen tilana” (Theatre as Space of Potentiality) Teatterikorkeakoulu-lehti 2/2002.

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