Visible and invisible sea

The small exhibition called Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri (Visible and invisible sea) in the former Telegraph and one of the former ammunition cellars celebrates the 30th anniversary of artists (and the Helsinki Centre for Environment) on Harakka Island. It is open until 20 June, only. The outdoor part of my contribution, Windrail II, will remain active for the whole summer. It consist of a simple QR code, on the wall in the Telegraph and on site, attached to the actual rail on the Western shore. The QR code links to a video work recorded by that rail in 2002. I usually prefer to show new works, because I have many that have not been shown anywhere yet. This time I thought this particular video work and especially its voice-over text would be suitable for reminiscing and making the passing of time palpable, too. And it is not available anywhere else.





The QR code leads to a page on this blog, and you can reach it here. The voice over text on the video is in Finnish, the English translation can be read further down on the page.

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