Pasque Flowers in Örö

A week in Örö after a long break – I was here last time at the end of February – is the perfect way to celebrate May and mothers’ day and to get some work done with the pines. When arriving I suddenly remembered the Pasque flowers (Anemone pulsatilla) whose only known habitat in Finland is supposed to be Örö. At least that is what a sign next to some fenced spots claimed. And yes, they were in full bloom, although bending in the chilly wind. There is some controversy whether they are extinct or not in Finland and which species of pulsatilla or anemones, “kylmänkukat”, actually have grown or grow here now.






I heard from a local man interested in photography about another type, the small pasque flower (pulsatilla pratensis) which is even rarer, and grows on the island, too, but has no official signs, at least not yet. They looked really delicate and exotic, I have to admit. There were three spots where the plants were marked with a circle of rocks, and in one spot also protected by a sign “valuable vegetation” on a fence, which prevented one to get anywhere near.








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