Event scores?

As part of the artistic research project performing with plants I am supposed to not only perform with plants, or trees, but to write scores about or related to my performances, and that I have not thought about yet, so better to start soon. On twitter I saw a great event score by Yoko Ono, from 1961, Painting for the Wind, which is a form of performing with plants although the wind is the lead character. “Cut a hole in a bag filled with seeds of any kind and place the bag where there is wind. summer 1961” Others are interested in Fluxus today, the research assistant of a Finnish photographer contacted me and asked about Finnish Fluxus scores. I sent her one of my own, but had to admit that I do not know any Finnish Fluxus scores, although Fluxus was rather big in Sweden and Denmark. Starting from an existing score is one thing, and can be inspiring, but creating a score of one’s performance afterwards is another. So how could I score my visits to the trees in Kaivopuisto?
“Find a stub and sit on it, do it again as needed” or “Choose a tree, touch it slowly, repeat at least once a week”, or simply “Visit a tree regularly”.
Yesterday, on Saturday the sun was shining and all Helsinki seemed to be out in the park. Somebody had brought a horse and a sledge there, too, and was taking people on a ride around the park with bells ringing. The sun was warm, there was no wind, everything was lovely, for a change…



Today, on Sunday there was a new world awaiting me outdoors. The heavy fog of the morning was slowly transforming into a mist, and a pale sun was partly visible behind the cloud cover from time to time. The fog lingered as frost on the trees and the open sea had an ice cover again – winter had returned. On the hill by the shore the wind was cold; by the alder the water had frozen, dogs stopped by the tree stub to make fresh marks, and the bird watchers were out again with their huge telescope lenses. The horse sledge from yesterday was there, too.



So what about the score? “Sit on a stub look around; do it again the following day; notice the changes.” Or should I say enjoy the changes?