Sandkås to Allinge

Walking with my camera, looking for the right spot to record the sea and the sky, half and half, “after Sugimoto”, feels inspiring and relaxing after a rather long pause, since Christmas, actually. It feels good to return to looking at the horizon, and here, on the northern coast of Bornholm in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, an open sea view is provided all along the coast. The footpath following the shore from Tejn past Sandkås towards Allinge, a former fishing village now serving as an idyllic tourist centre, is a joy to walk on and I feel tempted to make pretty pictures here and there. On Friday, when I arrived, the sky was grey and with some drizzle every now and then. After walking the path back and forth I decided for a rocky platform at the beach closest to the hotel I am staying at, and recorded the soft grey view, after Sugimoto’s seascapes, which of course are black and white photographs.
2016-03-25 16.01.48
The camera on a tripod on a flat rock at the beach at Sandkås and the Baltic Sea opening towards the north.
2016-03-25 16.03.03
The view from the same spot along the beach to the left, towards northwest.
2016-03-25 16.02.57
The view from the same spot to the right, towards southeast.
Today, Saturday, the sun was shining bright from early morning. I returned to the same path with a plan to record some of the magic views, the small coves and the cliffs covered with yellow lichen that I saw yesterday. Without the soft mist and the mellow shades at dusk the landscape was no longer magic in the same way. Merry and noisy people with children or dogs were walking along the path. Everything looked beautiful, but also mundane. I decided a new version of the horizon was unnecessary and resolved to begin by recording some of the benches I looked at on Friday, fascinated by the spots chosen for contemplating the view. It might be a good idea to take an image of the bench and then another image from the bench.
The view from the first bench I tried.
The bench itself, from behind.
In some places the benches were placed in such a way that it was impossible to get behind them to take a picture, but in several places it was possible to make an image of the view from behind the and then sitting on it.
A third approach, standing with my purple woollen sweater among the yellow cliffs at various distances, remains to be tried out – perhaps tomorrow.