The Tide at Kan Tiang Beach

Arriving at Kan Tiang Beach in the peaceful southern part of Koh Lanta felt like a relief, partly because it was nice to be in a small tourist village instead of the hustle and bustle of Christmas in a tourist town like Ao Nang, partly because the feeling of being in the countryside was inspiring. Looking at the tide coming in and going out on the rocky beach yesterday made me decide that I would want to record the tide somehow. And today my travelling companion wanted to go to a small rocky cove nearby, because that would be a good place for snorkeling. The morning was windy and I had no desire trying to do some snorkeling in rough sea – I have bad experiences of that before – but the idea of a small rocky cove sounded ideal for recording the tide, so I was happy to follow on the entangled path through the jungle. It was not far, but we lost the path and had to press ourselves through some heavy bushes, uh, and I was afraid I would never find my way out from there again. The cove was pretty and secluded, though. And I soon discovered the path from the beach, so I was not afraid of staying there on my own. It was only a few hours before high tide, and a small tree was standing in the middle of the cove, growing right from the rock, or so it seemed. It would be standing in water by high tide, I assumed. So I framed my image to include the tree, and used the horizon to divide the image into two halves, as I am accustomed to lately. Then I walked into the image and stood by the tree, and intuitively leaned against it, using it for support and comfort.
I decided to repeat the same image once every hour to record the changes produced by the tide and to use the time in between to record some images of rocks and water that could be combined into some sort of slow cross fade mix, perhaps. The tide never rose very high, and most of the day I spent recording the receding sea, which was not very spectacular, and searching for some shade in the intervals.
The day was rather hot and exhausting, but satisfying too. After I finished I tweeted that this was the first time in ages that I felt this might be something like a small work. In any case I want to go on working with the tide…