South of St. Kilda

Missing the possibility of recording an ocean view from Southern Australia, or more specifically Melbourne, was out of the question. During my short visit to the conference New Materialism VI – matter, ecology, relationality at Victoria College of Art University of Melbourne I had no time to see anything except the city centre; no desert, no kangaroos, not even the black swans. But I really had to get to the ocean. So I jumped on the tram and headed for St. Kilda beach, the seashore of the city. On the way I listened to two students who were discussing doctors that travelled out into the desert with an airplane that was equipped like a small hospital, making brief stops in the villages to help sick or old people there. And I realized I had no idea of this vast country after visiting this one city, which reminded me of San Francisco, probably because of the trams and the cold nights. Once at the beach I was impressed by the fun fair atmosphere, the beautiful empty beach and the small marina, but there was no open sea view. I started to walk southwards, and asked an old lady for advise. She told me how to find the path that followed the shoreline. It turned out to be a double road, one for runners and the other for bikers. I walked for a while, until I reached a spot with what I imagined to be an empty horizon and made my image “After Sugimoto” from there. Actually I am not sure if the horizon was really open, or whether the other side of the bay was simply so far that one cannot see it with the naked eye. The image with the sea and the sky looked fine, though, with waves on the sea and clouds in the sky. When I turned back and looked at the horizon towards the North, I marvelled at the skyscrapers of the city of Melbourne. I returned with another tram, along another route, to see at least a glimpse of the city, if not of this huge country or continent that I really would like to explore one day….
2015-09-30 13.53.36
2015-09-30 14.09.02
2015-09-30 14.10.16