New Year, New Friends

It’s time to begin something new, although I will be occupied with the project Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees for a while
– some works will for example be shown in a group exhibition in gallery Forum Box in February, and I hope there will be more possibilities to show the video works I have made together with various trees. And the new is not really new, but rather a narrowing of focus; I began with plants, zoomed in on trees and will now concentrate on pines. The project is called (at least sofar) Pondering with Pines – Miettii Mäntyjen kanssa – Tänker med Tallar. I began with the Swedish title, which was first talking with trees, which was too limited, and is now thinking with trees, which sounds a little too demanding. I guess pondering is demanding too, but I wanted to have an alliteration in all languages.
The first pine tree that I will practice with this year, ponder with but also pose in the tree pose from taiji with, is a tall and handsome pine growing in Kaivopuisto Park, in the centre of the slope which now serves as a sledding hill. The following two images I took with my phone as documentation or field notes – the two last ones are stills from the video of the very first session today.





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