Visiting Olive Trees in Ulldecona

As a kind of ending for the project Performing with Plants I visited the ancient olive trees in Ulldecona in Catalonia. I got the idea from an article on the internet which caught my attention. It describes the 1700 year old Farga de L’Arion, which i decided to visit. That was easier said than done, but i did reach the tree in the end, together with a group of Spanish tourists. It was possible to enter the privately owned area only on a guided tour. Here below is a picture of the sign by the tree, and then the ancient tree, protected by a fence. There was no way I could perform with the tree, I did not even try. A friendly tourist colleague took two photos of me with the tree, as “evidence”:




I had accepted the situation already before the visit, because i had the opportunity to spend time with other ancient olive trees in two other places in the area, that could be reached on foot and with no people around, at least this time of then year. The first place was the olive grove La Foia de Ulldecona, on Thursday, and there i chose one of the trees (number 968, see image above and here below) and spent a little more time together with it.


The monumental olive trees on the slope by Eremita del Remei near Alcanar I visited on Friday, and there I couod sit and pose with the trees as much as I wanted:







And to end with the only image that I discarded, because its colors did not fit the series, despite the fact that I found a perfect resting place lying on and between two branches looking up at the sky through the foliage, although not distinguishable among the shadows.

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