With a Ficus Tree to End the Year

During my Christmas Holiday I usually try to spend some time with local trees or shrubs. This year I would have liked to perform with the controversial Vinagrera plant (Rumex lunaria) that is invading the bare volcanic slopes with its sparkling lime colors. But to return to the volcano slopes with a camera was too much of a dazzle, at least for now. Instead I made two small sketches with my phone, in places that I simply happened to feel like recording. One was a concrete cube on the path along the shore between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. It reminded me of a work I did in 2003-2004 on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The only version available anywhere is an installation called Crystal Ball, the other ones exist as DVD copies in my bookshelf. Anyway, later I found many others of these concrete blocks on the shores, but sat down only on this first one I noticed:


On an afternoon in Playa Blanca, another beach resort, I walked over the slopes and had the impulse to sit on a rock with some small grasses in the desert in the evening sun:


But these were only notes, or souvenirs, even though I edited them and uploaded on the RC, here. I wanted to sit in a tree, and decided to choose a small crooked tree growing between the roads on my daily morning walk route, if I could not find anything else. But then I saw some huge Ficus trees at the outskirts of Puerto caller from the bus window, and decided to visit them. And yes, I found a lovely tree partner to sit with, on or in. The day was very windy, so the images look rather funny, especially with the sound of the passing cars, as if I was traveling at high-speed. Besides this “racing-version” I edited one called testing, and another one called looking, where I tried to move the camera along the beautiful branches, as a try out. The video are uploaded on the RC here.


The real question remains: what next? I want to spend time with trees, yes, but how to make it more interesting to look at and somehow relevant intellectually?


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