Helsinki Tree Calendar

Finally, at the end of year 2018 I managed to edit a final screening version of the Helsinki tree calendar performed and recorded in 2017, partly spurred by my wish to finish the Stockholm Tree Calendar by the end of the year, summarized in Swedish here. The Helsinki Tree Calendar was something I began on impuls, trying to connect my old (still on-going) project of talking trees with the then new project Performing with Plants. I made several versions of some of the trees, and had serious trouble in finding some of the so-called trees in the Celtic tree calendar, like the ivy, in Helsinki, so I made some adaptations. Here comes a list of the versions I chose for the screening compilation and the installation version, as they are actually meant to be shown as a calendar, one at a time, with duration and day of recording added:
The birch 24 December – 20 January:
Birch in January 4 min 41 sek. (Munkkiniemenranta 21.1.2017)
The rowan 21 January – 17 February:
Rowan in February 4 min 43 sek. (Särkiniemi 11.2.2017)
The ash 18 February – 17 March:
Ash in February 5 min 48 sek. (Kaivopuisto 18.3.2017)
The alder 18 March – 14 April:
Alder in April 12 min 40 sek. (Mellstenin ranta 11.4.2017)
The willow 15 April – 12 May:
Willow in May 9 min 44 sek. (Harakka Island 6.5.2017)
The hawthorn 13 May – 9 June:
Hawthorn in June 18 min 6 sek. (Observatory Park 7.6.2017)
The oak 10 June – 7 July:
Oak in June 8 min 10 sek. (Eugen Schauman’s Park 26.6.2017)
The holly 8 July – 4 August:
Holly in July 9 min 22 sek. (Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden 30.7.2017)
The hazel 5 August – 1 September:
Hazel in August 9 min 35 sek. (Herttoniemi Manor Park 20.8.2017)
The vine 2 September – 29 September:
Vine in September 5 min 15 sek. (yard in Ullanlinna 16.9.2017)
The ivy 30 September – 27 October:
Ivy in October 8 min 23 sek. (at home 1.11.2017)
The reed 28 October – 23 November:
Reed in November 8 min 22 sek. (Arabianranta 22.11.2017)
The elder 24 November – 23 December:
Elder in December 13 min 38 sek. (Kaivopuisto 2.12.2017)
The screening version is a compilation of 1 min.20 sec. of the beginning of each chosen tree, Helsinki Tree Calendar 17 min.42 sec. in all. The installation version, Helsinki Tree Calendar – Installation, consists of 4 min. 40 sec. of the beginning of each chosen tree, ideally to be shown in thirteen monitors, all synchronized.

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