Back in Nida

After a hectic visit to Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, it has been wonderful to calm down in Nida for a few days with the knowledge that almost a week still remains of my time here. There are too many things to do, other than finding ways of performing with the trees here, editing texts, preparing presentations, planning upcoming teaching and trying to consider alternative constellations of the works to be shown at the exhibition at Muu gallery, which opens on 6 October. Regardless of all these future worries, I have walked on the beach, playing with my little gopro camera without really finding the right way to use it. And then, today, when the weather suddenly cleared and a beautiful sunshine made everything look interesting again, I realized I should perhaps try to make one rough time-lapse session with a pine tree and my ordinary equipment after all. And if I would do it tomorrow, on Sunday, I could show it during the Open Studio on Monday. I found a potential pine partner near the beach, but perhaps too far to return to every second hour, so I walked up to the parking lot near the dunes and chose a pine tree with low and relatively bare branches. Most of the pines on the dunes are spreading their branches to create impenetrable green mounds, but this one (see image above) seemed easy and inviting. So I made a brief session as a try out, sitting up in the tree and on the branch almost touching the ground. (see images below). I managed to find a place for the camera on the slope that enabled a framing with the horizon approximately in the middle of the image, and I tried to mark the place by sticks in the sand. Leaving the tripod there for the whole day is probably not a good idea, because it is quite close to the parking place and there are lots of visitors on the weekend. Concerning the schedule starting and finishing at eight could be ok, the sun rises something like half past seven and sets around half past seven in the evening, but there is probably enough light at eight to end with a fadeout… Well, tomorrow is tomorrow, at least I have something to show for today: