Mornings in Kaivopuisto Park

Visiting the nearby Kaivopuisto Park first thing in the morning – well, not first thing, but first thing out of the house – already begins to feel like a practice. I have decided not to make it too demanding, so a few times a week will be enough. And I am already curious to see how the landscape will change, and how my partner, the strange tree with many trunks that I sit on these mornings on the hill overlooking the sea will change. I am not sure if it is a group of trees that has grown together, or a tree that has grown many stems out of one root. Two of the tree trunks are cut, and four remain, although only three are visible in the images, so at some point they were six. The remains of one trunk are hollow; it looks like it was rotten and therefore cut. But the other one, which is cut rather high above ground, looks perfectly solid, and I wonder why it was cut, perhaps by mistake? The tree seems to be a linden tree, after all, because there are small branches growing straight out of the trunk near the root. But based on the dry leaves around the tree it is impossible to tell, because there are oak leaves and maple leaves and all kinds of leaves, perhaps brought there by the wind. – Now the images tend to look rather similar, which means I have managed to find a framing that is relatively easy to maintain, and the changes in weather conditions are not very clearly distinguishable from a still image. On video you can see a little bit more, and while sitting there, performing, or rather breathing slowly, small shifts in temperature, wind force and humidity make all the difference between pleasure and pain.
Sitting on the stub of the alder further down in the park, on the way home, is easier, because the site is more protected and the wind has less force. And there I sit only once, so the there is not so much time to freeze. That image is rather funny, I feel sitting on the stump is like sitting on a rock, there is not much contact with the tree itself, unlike sitting with or within the linden – I call them linden for want of a better name so far – because there I am really intruding into their world.

Monday morning images:




Tuesday morning images: