Where to Begin in Helsinki

After walking around in the freezing cold last week, looking for suitable tree partners, and working with my two trees in Stockholm during the weekend, I decided on Monday that I finally had to begin somewhere. So I returned to the tree in Kajsaniemi Park, which I remembered had looked promising, although I was too cold to stop and explore when I saw it the first time. But no, the angle was really quite sharp and the tree was uninviting, hard to approach, too much of an effort.
I tried from both directions, but did not feel satisfied, and realised that a practice that did not feel good to begin with would be hard to keep up wit. – On Tuesday morning, as soon as there was some light, I headed for Kaivopuisto Park with the dual purpose of first emptying my small boat of all the melting snow and ice and then of making an attempt with some trees near the shore. I was delighted to see that the sea was open, so my leaving the boat in the ice had been a risk worth taking. With gloves too wet to wear, I walked up into the park, where I remembered looking at a group of trees on the slope. And yes, they would provide an easy place to sit on, and a nice view if the camera was positioned well. Based on the leaves on the ground I could not deduce what tree it was; there were oak leaves and maple leaves and whatever. I vaguely remembered the trees might be silver willows, but was not sure.
I made two attempts, one with the camera further away, one quite close up. The images do not look that pleasant, but it was quite comfortable to sit on the low trunk, leaning against the one on the right, despite the icy wind. In the larger image I managed to adjust the horizon in the middle, but in the close up I had to lift the horizon up. Only afterwards did I realise that the close up should be taken from a lower angle, with the tripod smaller. Perhaps next time.