Looking at the Mediterranean Horizon

Arriving in Cala’n Bosch, a tourist resort on the west coast of Menorca, I immediately took a walk to the shore and looked at the open sea view thinking, this would be an easy piece. Just pick your spot, since there it was, everywhere, the open horizon. The blue Mediterranean Sea was spreading out in front of me undisturbed by islands, piers, boats or anything. So on Monday afternoon I took my camera and tripod and headed down to the shore, to the same rocky spot I first saw when arriving. I thought that would be a place where people would not be lying on the beach and I would not have to be embarrassed carrying a camera amongst them, as if wanting to document naked flesh or whatever. I walked out on the cliffs, which were surprisingly sharp and uncomfortable to step on, and found a place for my tripod. But to my horror, I saw a spot on the lens. I had my camera cleaned just a while ago, so this seemed like an ironic twist of fate. I did not return back to search for a vacuum cleaner, but resorted to my handkerchief in order to remedy what I could. And it helped a little bit, yes. But now, by the time I was all set up, a boat came by, so I waited for the waves to pass, and then another boat. And then a rubber boat parked right outside the cliffs, and I thought they might start diving or something, so I decided to move. But when I had packed my things and walked halfway up to the road, the boat started to move again, so I returned. Finally I managed to record almost three minutes of the view with an empty horizon, half of the image sea and the other half sky, à la Sugimoto, before two sailing boats showed up. Funny enough, even with plenty of empty horizon, recording it might prove to be a challenge.
2015-07-20 13.41.23
2015-07-20 13.38.40
The real challenge was nevertheless ahead of me, that is, finding enough of an Internet connection to be able to upload these images and this text as a blog post. It took me two days.