With a Tamarisk in the Wind

Finally, today I took my camera and tripod and decided to walk through the dunes in the northern part of the nature preservation area, further away from the sea, where the vegetation would provide a wide array of plants to perform with. Once there I realized the  solitary shrubs surrounded by sand were actually visually the most interesting ones. I remembered my previous visits in this area, Maspalomas on Gran Canaria, when I tried to record the dunes without vegetation or humans. This time I decided I would include all humans that walked on the dunes in the distance, and actually emphasized their size. But I was not interested in the dunes now, rather the shrubs. And I did not want images of the naturists, mostly elderly men, strolling among the bushes. While trying to follow the path, or the footprints of previous walkers, which the wind quickly wiped away, I spotted a small twisted tree on the crest of a dune, with the sand all gone from around its roots; that could be a plant to perform with, I thought. And better to do it now, since I probably never would find exactly the same place again. Without furter ado I made a first attempt sitting on the root.

The poor tree was actually swaying in the wind, burdened by my weight as well. The wind was so strong that the camera toppled over, falling on its face in the sand. Luckily it did not suffer any severe damage, but the last file was damaged due to my hasty reaction, I learned later when looking at the material.  On site I simply decided to try again, and did another version standing next to the tree rather than sitting on it.

As a last experiment I moved the camera to the spot where I sat and recorded the view, including parts of the nearest branch, because its frenetic movement seemed to make the force of the wind palpable, although that is hard to imagine based on a still image.