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At present
In Helsinki

Out right now
“Dearest Pine.” In Jack Faber and Anna Shraer (eds.) Eco Noir: A Companion for Precarious Times. Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki Publishing 2020, 105-112. See here

Upcoming events

Upcoming talks and presentations
Dear Spruce – Dear Deceased, theme essay as part of the Peripheries in Parallax event, Aalto University 22 January 2021.
Online lecture at colloquium on Kinetics in Sound and Space, Hamburg 27 January 2021.
Discussing digital possibilities at Tutke post doc event 28 January 2021.
Unfold and Articulate, seminar with doctoral candidates in Norway 3-5.2.2021.
Opponent at Nathalie Fari’s 50% seminarium on “Situated Agencies: an embodied and documentary approach to site-oriented performance practice” 17 February 2021.
Research and other projects in progress

Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees. with archive on the RC here.
How to do things with performance? – Miten tehdä asioita esityksellä?, a four-year research project funded by the Academy of Finland, with Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola. More info on the Uniarts website of HTDTWP with links to blog and living archive on the RC.

Current engagements
Visiting researcher at Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, see
Member of the Committee for Artistic Research at the Swedish Research Council. See

Forthcoming publications
“Day with Old Tjikko”. In Emergency Index Vol. 9 2020,
“Bortom Mättnadspunkten – Beyond the Saturation Point?”. VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research
“Diffraction, Mixture and Cut-ups in Performing with Plants” in Performance Research: On Diffraction.
Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees in Johannesburg with Environs, Arts Research Africa, The Wits School of Arts, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
“With Spruce Stumps and Old Tjikko – On the Individuality of Trees” in Daniela Fargione and Carmen Concilio (eds.)Trees in Literature and the Arts: Humanarboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene. Lexington Books.


Recently finished projects
Residency in Örö in November, Öres
Mustarinda residency during September see
(Arts Research Africa) residency in Johannesburg 10.2.- 23.3.(orig. 10.4.) 2020
Performing with Plants – Att uppträda/samarbeta med växter. More here and the living archive here

Recent publications
“Remembering the Year of the Tiger – Image, Memory, Site” in Marja Silde, Outi Lahtinen & Tua Helve (eds.), Näyttämö & Tutkimus 8: Muisti, Arkisto ja Esitys [Stage & Research 8: Memory, Archive and Performance] 2020, 292-318. See here and here
“Miten tehdä asioita tutkimuspäivillä – Katsaus ‘Miten tehdä asioita esityksellä?’ -tutkimushankkeeseen” [How to Do Things with Research Days – Review of the research project How to do things with performance] Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha, Pilvi Porkola. In Marja Silde, Outi Lahtinen & Tua Helve (eds.), Näyttämö & Tutkimus 8: Muisti, Arkisto ja Esitys [Stage & Research 8: Memory, Archive and Performance] 2020, 428-432. See here
“The Shadow of a Pine Tree. Authorship, Agency and Performing Beyond the Human” in Ewa Bal & Mateusz Chaberski (eds.)
Situated Knowing. Epistemic Perspectives on Performance. London & New York: Routledge 2020, 157-170. See here
“HTDTWP presents: The Transformative Potential of Performance” Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola in Leena Rouhiainen (ed.) Proceedings of CARPA 6 Artistic Research Performs and Transforms: Bridging Practices, Contexts, Traditions & Futures Nivel 13 (2019) here
“Revisiting the Rock – Self-diffraction as a Strategy”,
Global Performance Studies 3.2. (2020) here
“Performing with Plants in the Ob-scene Anthropocene” in
Nordic Theatre Studies vol 32 2020, 121-142
“Behind the Back of Linnaeus – Bakom ryggen på Linné.”
Ruukku – Studies in Artistic Research, Issue #14 Ecologies of practice. Here,
ARA-Podcast – Performance as research: a discussion with Annette Arlander
“Revisiting the Rusty Ring – Ecofeminism Today?”
PARtake Journal see here
“The City Skyline Revisited – From networks to trans-corporeality” in
Research in Art Education 1/2020, pp 37-55 here

Recent exhibitions, events and performances
“Holding Hands with a Pine” in Be-Coming Tree Live Art Event, online 9 January 2021 at 12.15 – 1.15pm GMT (14.15-15.5 Helsinki time)
Dear Firethorn Rhus (with text) shown at Muu Gaala in Helsinki 19-22.11.2020.
“With a Pine” as part of Be-coming Tree, a collective online performance 31 October 2020, see
”With a Rowan”, as part of ABLE happening by Island Rehearsals on Harakka Island 20.8.2020 from 6 pm see
Participating in a collective
Be-coming Tree performance via zoom on 1 August 11 am to 12 pm (UK time), see here
MantereeltaFrån FastlandetFrom the Mainland. Exhibition with video works in the Telegraph on Harakka Island 14-26 July 2020
Performance with an apple tree as part of SUSUKÄKE (Sumatrantien Suomalaisugrilainen käsitekesä) Fri 17. July 7 pm. See documentation
Performing with my Juniper friend on Harakka Island as part of
ISLAND REHEARSALS on Friday 5 June at 4 pm.
Visiting Nirox Arts 16-20 March
Day with a Juniper as part of the Video Weeks in gallery Sinne 21-26.1.2020. See here

Recent papers and presentations
Conversation about peer review in artistic research with Mika Elo, Maarit Mäkelä, Otso Huopaniemi and others at Kuva Research Days 9 December 2020.
Presentation of the outcomes of the project Performing with Plants at the autumn day of Society for Theatre Research 4.12.2020
Conversation with Antti Salminen to celebrate the publishing of the Finnish translation of Emanuele Coccia’s The Life of Plants by Tutkijaliitto, 29 October 2020 at 6 pm at Kääntöpöytä, see here
“Precarious Playground”, introductory walk and screening of “Returning to the Stairs” at NSU (Nordic Summer University) meeting 26-27.7.2020 see
“Meetings with trees and the metaphysics of mixture”, at the event organised by Performance-as-Research Working Group / International Federation for Theatre Research CONTINUITIES in PRACTICE – a virtual exchange in order to continue the conversation Tuesday 14th July, 4pm-6pm (BST). To reserve a space, book here:
“Chronicles of Confinement: Europa”, conversation with performance artists 10 July 1 PM New York time, 8 pm Eastern European time, organised by Canongeproductions. See
“Principles of Artistic Research in Performance Doctorates” in Visioning the Future: Artistic Doctorates in Ireland. Online Seminar Series 2020, 9 July 11 am to 12 pm. See details here
“Writing to Trees with Trees as Performance for Camera”, presentation at the PSI Artistic Research Working Group’s virtual summer meeting 7 July 2 pm UCT/GMT.
“Exposition and/ as Method”, open lecture via zoom at SKH 22 June 2020 at 2 pm Stockholm time.
Presentation with HTDTWP at Tutke Spring Days 28-29 April, see
Workshop with HTDTWP for doctoral candidates at University of the Arts Helsinki (online) 14-15 April 2020
ARA-seminar (online) 9 April 4-6 pm
ARA (Arts Research Africa) seminar 12 March 2020 1 pm to 4 pm Wits Theatre, Johannesburg.
presentation via Skype at “Asking for Advice: Artistic Research in YouTube, Home videos and Conversation” 27.2. at Centre for Artistic Research, University of the Arts Helsinki, see
Seminar with artistic doctoral candidates in Oslo 5-7.2.2020.
”Year of the Pig with a Tatarian Maple” presentation at the Research Week of Stockholm University of the Arts 24.1.2020. See programme

Recent engagements
Professor of performance, art and theory at Stockholm University of the Arts Research Centre (2018-2019),
Blog about activities in Stockholm 2015-2019,
Member of the board of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program (2015-2018)
State Prize for multidisciplinary art 2018
info in Finnish and in Swedish, with photo, here


Annette Arlander makes notes on work in progress and archives her previous work