News and Current Projects

Right now
Professor of performance, art and theory at Stockholm University of the Arts Research Centre (2018-2019), here
Blog about activities in Stockholm, artisticresearchinstockholm
Out right now:
“Calling the Dragon, Holding Hands with Junipers: Transpositions in Practice.” In Schwab, Michael (ed.) Transpositions – Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in Artistic Research. Orpheus institute series, Leuven University Press, pp. 41-58.
The open access e-book
Research and other projects in progress
Performing with Plants – Att uppträda/samarbeta med växter. More here and the living archive here
How to do things with performance? – Miten tehdä asioita esityksellä?, a four-year research project funded by the Academy of Finland, with Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola. More info on the website of HTDTWP with links to blog and living archive on the RC.
Visiting researcher at Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, see here
Member of the board of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program See here
Other projects:
Animal Years; Animal Days and Nights; Talking Trees;The Tree Calendar
Upcoming events
Workshop with HTDTWP (How to Do Things With Performance) at the conference Alliances and Commonalities, October 25-27 2018 Stockholm University of the Arts, see here
Upcoming presentations
Rainy Day in Rekdal installation and presentation at the get symposium Tanz Der Dinge / Things that dance 5-7 October 2018 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, see here
Keynote at Per/Forming Futures. Investigating Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance April 11th-13th 2019 Middlesex University, London. see here
Recent engagements
Artist-Researcher at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2017).
Professor of artistic research at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki (1.9.-31.12.2016)
Participating in the research project Rock/body – Performative interchanges between the geologic and the body, see here
Visiting professor at Stockholm University of the Arts (1.9.2015-31.8.2016)
Professor of artistic research at Performing Arts Research Centre at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy 1.3.2015-31.8.2016 (until 13 May also vice dean for research).
Recent publications
Arlander, A. (2018). The Shore Revisited. Journal of Embodied Research, 1(1), 4 (30:34). DOI:
“Day and Night with Malla” In Screenworks 8.2 On Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene
Dune Dream – Self-imaging, Trans-corporeality and the Environment. Body, Space & Technology. 17(1), 2018, pp.3–21. DOI:
“Performing with Plants” in Leena Rouhiainen (ed.) Perilous Experience CARPA 5 Colloquium Proceedings, Nivel 09 2018 here
“Performing with the Weather” in Global Performance Studies Issue 1.2. Performance Climates (here)
“Agential Cuts and Performance as Research”. In Annette Arlander, Bruce Barton, Melanie Dreyer-Lude, Ben Spatz (eds.) Performance as Research: Knowledge, Methods, Impact. London and New York: Routledge 2018, 133-151
“Introduction to Future Concerns. The Multiple Futures of Performance as Research.” In Annette Arlander, Bruce Barton, Melanie Dreyer-Lude, Ben Spatz (eds.) Performance as Research: Knowledge, Methods, Impact. London And New York: Routledge 2018, 333-349.
“Ekologinen näkökulma taidetutkimukseen” [An Ecological Perspective on Research in the Arts]. Annette Arlander and Mika Elo. Tiede ja Edistys 4/2017, 335-346.(see info)
Recent exhibitions, events and performances
Trees in Victoria. Summer exhibition in the old Telegraph on Harakka Island 3.-12.8.2018.
Working with the Vegetal – seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts 23 May 2018, see program
Screening of “Rainy Day in Rekdal” and “Grey Day in Rekdal” at the Learning Center of Aalto University during the conference Radical Relevances 25-27.4.2018
“Regurgitated perspectives – an excerpt” with HTDTWP at The Spring Research Day at Kiasma, 25.4. 2018, at 5 pm (not 2 pm as in the schedule on the website)
Library talk with Stacey Sacks at SADA Library, Stockholm University off the Arts 24.4.2018 at 12.15.
”Puhetta performanssista” – Conversations on performance art II, with Essi Kausalainen and Sara Pathirane at Muu gallery 23.4.2018. See here and live streaming here.
Performance “Regurgitated Perspectives” together with How to do things with performance? at the 9th SAR conference – International Conference on Artistic Research Artistic Research will Eat Itself at University of Plymouth 11-13 April 2018.
“Puhetta performanssista” – Conversations on Performance art at Muu gallery, hosted by Annette Arlander. First Guest on February 26 artist and curator Leena Kela, and her project One Year Performance (2017-2018). See here. Live stream on facebook (in Finnish)
Recent papers and presentations
Presentation in the panel “Migrating concepts in performance” with How to do things with performance? at IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference Theatre and Migration in Belgrad 19-23 July 2018
”Revisiting the City Skyline”, presentation in the panel “Networking Finland, Malta, Korea” – a performative panel across time and space with How to do things with performance? at PSi (Performance Studies International) #24 in Daegu, Chorea 3-6 July 2018
“Authorship, Agency and Performing – in Finnish” in the panel “What is Performativity in Finnish?” with How to Do Things With Performance -project at Cultural Mobility of Performance and Performativity Studies International Conference, Kraków 28-30 May 2018
“Puiden kanssa Helsingin puistoissa” [With Trees in the Parks of Helsinki], presentation at the Finnish Urban Studies Conference, Tieteiden talo [House of Sciences], Helsinki 3-4.5.2018
Video and presentation at Radical Relevances conference, Aalto University 25-27 April 2018.
Presentation at the open seminar of Research in Arts and Experience at Aalto University 26 March 2018.
Presentation at the research day organised by How to do things with performance? -project at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy 2 March 2018, here.
Generations of Artistic Research, discussion at Uniarts Post Doc art on March 1, see here
Opponent at Marja Silde’s dissertation in theatre- and performance studies at Helsinki University 27 January 2018 at 10 am.
Moderating the Norwegian Artisic Research Program Fellowship seminar #2 ”Unfold and articulate” at University of Bergen Faculty of Art and Design, 10-11.1.2018, see programme